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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Zanny- Born to Run

Zanny- Born to Run by Extra Special Kids, LLC. is a great app explaining ADHD to children. Zanny is a boy that can't stop moving. This fits my youngest the best. He's just like the boy in the story so he really enjoyed it and no he didn't quit moving durning the story lol :). These stories by Extra Special Kids, LLC are wonderful for our children with special needs because they are made especially for them. It shows they are not alone and that their is others out there just like themselves. There is a special game about feelings also included in this book. You have to put the correct mouth and eyes on the face for the saying above. I love that it reads it outloud to your child and when you get it right there is a big celebration. This makes the app even better in that it also teaches our children about expressions which some of our children may have problems with. I highly recommend this book for any child that just can't stop moving and/or has problems with emotions. :)


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