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Saturday, November 12, 2011

chore pad hd

Chore Pad HD by Nannek is a great chore tracking app. The setup for this app is easy and takes very little time. I love that you can add all the members of your family and have as many chores as you like. After you add your family and the chores you can set up the rewards. You can set it up for daily or weekly chore list, add chore icons, sounds and animations, and much more. When you set up a family member you can add thier picture to their chores which helps children with special needs see which chores are theirs. You add checkmarks toward a trophie for you reward depending on how you have the rewards set up to be giving out. You can also use this chart for behavioral needs if you don't want to use it for chores. Just add something such as no hitting, no bitting, ect. onto the chart. I use this chart for both behavior rewards and chores. My kids loved getting to put a check mark on their chart when they did something good. I like that you can change the themes depending on the season. I definatly recommend this app if you need a chore chart or a behavior chart. It's sure better then paper or whiteboards :)


Additional reviews from others :)

5 Stars!

I got this application to use with my 6 year old grandson that has ADHD. He loves that he can check off his "jobs" as he does them. He also loves the stars! It has made his life better because it gives him a send of control and of accomplishment. He is now trying to teach his 3 1/2 year old sister how to mark off her "jobs." Thanks so much for giving him something to feel good about!!

Chore pad HD
This app itself is very colorful making it simple to use. The lay out is fantastic you can have more then one person you can add photos to the chart. many options you can choose to make it your own. This is two thumbs up everyone should check this out..

New review:
ChorePad is a wonderful app. It allows you to create a list of job/activites that your child needs to accomplish. I love how you can customize the list of chores/jobs and rewards to your child’s specific needs.

My son has been using ChorePad since last fall at school and is very motivated to accomplish the tasks. In the near future we will be getting a mobile device at home I feel fortunate to given this code so we can begin to caring over some of the success they have at school into our home environment.

I think this app is a must have for anyone that has kids.This app seems to motavate him more than paper or check off charts.Wonderful Wonderful app.

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