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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

WH Questions at Home Fun Deck

WH Questions at Home Fun Deck by Super Duper Publications is another app just like the school WH Questions except it's about things that happen at home. There is 56 cards included and up to 5 children at a time can use this app. This app can be used even with a younger child to learn about things that happen at home. The app will talk out the prompt if the picture is pressed and you can track right and wrong answers. There is questions such as "Where do you keep your toys?" and "What should you do if you hear the smoke alarm?". I think that this app is important for children to learn and recognize some of the things that we might not even think of. It things that we might think our children just know but may not. It also helps that some of the things we know our children know but we want them to vocalize it outloud in a sentence for us and work on answering the question outloud rather then just dragging us to the answer :). Some of the things are things my children need to learn and others are the latter that I want them to learn how to answer WH questions in general. I would highly recommend this app for children ages 3+.


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