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Monday, November 14, 2011


TouchyBooks brings you many different books through their story. You can purchase the books through an inapp purchase and some you can get right off Itunes itself. Their books are wonderful and many are interactive. I personaly have The Little Match Girl, Moon Secrets, The Candy Factory, A Christmas Carol, The Witch's Apprentice, Numbers Hide and Seek, and Emma and the Monster. My children have enjoyed all these books over and over again.

Emma and the Monster HD is about a sad girl that no longer wants to go to school because of a mean boy scares her all the time in school. Whe latter meets a monster and they become the best of friends. The monster helps Emma no longer be afraid anymore to go to school. This book is interactive and fun. Recommended ages 6+

The Candy Factory HD is a story about two children that get carried away to a wonderful land of the candy factory. This book is bright and colorful and of course filled with candy :). My children really liked this book. The book is very interactive and there is many things to discover throughout the 17 pages. The recommended ages is 6+ but my youngest child who is 4 even enjoyed this one :)

Moon Secrets HD is wonderful bedtime story. The book has interactive features but stays calm and soothing throughout. The book is about the moon through a childs eye and is a beautiful story. This book is recommended ages 4+

The Witch's Apprentice HD is a cool story about a witch. A little girl finnaly desides to become a witch and you follow her through the story about how she learns to cast spells and make potions. Many interactive features with this one. This book is great for young children as it shows them imagination, sound effects, witty illustrations, and rhyming text. This book is recommended for ages 3+

The Little Match Girl HD is about a poor little girl and trying to find happiness on Christmas Eve. She tries to sell matches to people on the street but finds herself wanting to light the matches to keep her fingers warm. This book is a wonderful Christmas book and teaches your children about love. This book is interactive and has animations and sound on every page. This book is recommeded for ages 6+

A Christams Carol HD is a story all us adults have probably seen and heard in our lifetime over and over again but still love it. This is a great book to show our children all about Ebenezer Scrooge and teach them the same lessons we learned long ago-- friends, family, and sharing. Scrooge is a greedy old man that doesn't care about anyone but himself until he has to face his past, present, and future ghost. Many interactive features such as sound and animations. This book is recommended for ages 7+

Numbers hide and seek is a great story for the little ones. This book teaches your child about numbers up to ten. The numbers are all interactive and your child will have to find all the numbers as they hide in a wonderful game of hide and seek :) This book is recommended for ages 3+


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