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Sunday, November 6, 2011

A Quest for Good Manners- Interactive Book

A Quest for Good Manners- Interactive Book by TaleSpring is a great book about manners. This book is ment for the older kids on my site. My almost 8yr old daughter enjoyed it and she is in first grade so I included it. This book is about a nontypical princess and her pet dragon who are very rude and need to learn their manners. This story is long but it is also interactive so there is things to hold even the younger schoolaged childs attention. I liked that it also had little facts along the way to read if you choose. There is funny sounds and cute little animations as you read along with the story. I love that it has the read to me option or you can read it yourself if you prefer. I know my little "princess" (lol) has problems with manners so this book was cute for her. I did get my 6yr old son to sit for the book 1time (usually that's all I get with any book) so it may even hold the attention of younger then I think. He liked the dragon in the story and I think the burp had something to do with it :). I only rate this book for 1st grade and above because of the length and since most children younger have a hard time listening for long periods of time otherwise the pictures, animation, and story are very cute and enjoyable :)


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