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Monday, October 31, 2011

Giggle Ghosts

Giggle Ghosts by Busy Bee Studios is another great app. My kids all love playing this one. This app has become a faviort of my 4yr old especially. Great app for hand eye cordination and motor planning. I really hope to see more apps from them like this because I think it's great for little ones starting to learn the ipad and learning counting skills. It will count each ghost as you safely get them across the houses. You try to get all the ghosts to the party at the end. The ending is awesome and highly interactive for the little ones to press many things and it will then count all the way up to twenty :) Hope you will give this app a try.


Sunday, October 30, 2011

FirstWords: Halloween

FirstWords: Halloween by Learning Touch is a great app for children learning to spell. I liked this app for it's great pictures. Any child young or old can do this app since the letters are up about and then you have to just put them in order. You can customize the difficulty to match the abilities of your child. All my children have enjoyed this app and it's fun for them to learn new halloween words in the process. Make sure to check out the other FirstWords apps including one for Christmas words :) Highly recommend app.

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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Halloween greats

Spooky Groove by Jill Pestka

Night With Echo HD by PicPocket Books

Mickey's Spooky Night Puzzle Book by Disney Publishing Worldwide

Giddy Ghost and Whimsical Witch byPixelMat

The Scariest Halloween Story Ever! by 3CD

Wood Puzzle Halloween HD by Tropisounds

FirstWords: Halloween by Learning Touch
       (this is a link to their Christmas one couldn't find the halloween link)

Halloween counting and words games by iKidsPad

That's all for tonight :) Many more great apps out there for Halloween. If you can't tell it's my faviort. More tomarrow and then Mon is the big Halloween giveaway. Contest starts Sun. night and goes until mon night after trick or treating :) My kids will draw for 6 of the codes to give away. I will also be giving out codes all day Halloween on my facebook page so be sure to look out for them :)

Friday, October 28, 2011

Portegno Apps

Lots of apps from Portegno Apps but they are all great. I loved playing around with each of them and so did my kids. They are all fun and wonderful for Halloween!!! Portegno Apps brings you many different apps that are fun and entertaining for children of all ages. My reviews of each are posted below the link for each of them :)
Teo & Bianca Halloween Coloring Book

 Teo and Bianca Halloween Coloring Book is a cute coloring book that children of any age and development can do.The pictures are cute and friendly and aren't scary for the younger crowd :). I liked their set up with the paints at the bottom and the different sized brushes. My kids of course loved the fact that they could take a picture afterward lol. If you are looking for a cute and friendly app for Halloween this is it.
App ID: 471642777
Price: FREE
Category: Entertainment
Version: 1.0
Size: 5.1 MB
Ranking: 4+
Scary Wordfind

Scary Wordfind has to be my daughters most played app within the last two days. She's suddenly gotten into wordfind which is wonderful and this app is one of the best I've found to help her on her new interest. I love that they have three levels of play and show not only the words to find but a picture of each word to go with. This helps her learn new words by looking at both the picture and the word while trying to find them. I hope to see many more of these wordfinds from them to come :)
App ID: 404243629
This App was developed for iPhone and for iPad
Price: $1.99
Category: Education
Version: 1.0
Size: 12.0 MB
Ranking: 4+
Features: *Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad * iOS 3.0 or more
Scary Pumpkin’

Is a fun app that allows your child to change the screen how ever they want with a push of a sliding button. There is spooky sounds in the background that make it scary but of course if it's too scary can be turned off. You can save your work in either color or color and black and white which is a cool little option.
App ID: 407214561
Price: $0.99
Category: Education
Version: 1.0
Size: 4.5 MB
Ranking: 4+
Features: *Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad * iOS 3.0 or more
Cute Little Witch

Cute Little Witch is simialar to scary Pumpkin'. Same concept different by that instead of a pumpkin it's a witch. This app has friendly music that is kind of calming and the little witch is very cute. Great app for little girls that like to dress up not only the witch but the background too :)
App ID: 399835686
Price: $0.99
Category: Education
Version: 1.0
Size: 7.9 MB
Ranking: 4+
Funny Halloween

Funny Halloween is an app that you touch each of the items on the page and they do funny things and make funny noises. All my kids enjoyed this app and thought it was very funny. I would recommend this for children that are learning to push things on the ipad since there is cause and effect with the 5 different monsters.
App ID: 399454306
Price: $0.99
Category: Education
Version: 1.0
Size: 7.3 MB
Ranking: 4+
Features: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad * iOS 3.0 or more
My Zombie Creator

My Zombie is another one like scary pumpkin and cute little witch but a zombie. This app has scary hallowing music in the background and scarier sceens but is perfect for any young zombie fan out there :) Once again it gives you the option of saving in color or color and black and white.
App ID: 317639182
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Version: 1.9
Size: 4.2 MB
Ranking: 9+
Features: *Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad *iOS 2.1 or more
Knock Knock Zombies

This app is cute. You start off by knocking on the door three times and a differnt monster will answer the door with spooky sounds and goofy faces trying to scare you. I liked all the monster :) Great for young and old and not overly scary. I also liked that you had to knock three times since this helps kids learn skills not only on the ipad but once again cause and effect. If you don't knock three times it ain't going to open :)
App ID: 326488333
Price: $0.99
Category: Games
Version: 1.3
Size: 7.3 MB
Ranking: 4+
Features: *Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad * iOS 2.2.1 or more
KidsMag Halloween Special Edition

I have to say all the kidsmags are wonderful. I just got done reviewing the lite versions of their other kidsmags and they have a lot of activites in them and this one doesn't fail that. There is so much to do within these magazines and they are perfect for many ages. My kids have loved both this one and the lite versions of the 1and2 soo much. If they don't like one thing they move on to the next page. There is stories, puzzles, find the differences,coloring, and much much more in each of these apps. I would highly recommend this one or if your tiered of Halloween already make sure to try out their other kidsmags :)
App ID: 471496979
Price: $1.99
Category: Entertainment
Version: 1.0
Size: 36.1 MB
Ranking: 4+
Developer: Portegno Apps
Twitter ID: Portegno_Apps



Thursday, October 27, 2011

Adventures of Gilbert the Ghost

Adventures of Gilbert the Ghost by Tenlin Studios, LLC is a cute app that uses tilting of the ipod/ipad to move Gilbert through a maze of many different creatures and try to collect all the candy that you can. You have to watch out for flying bats, witches, and more as Gilbert zooms through. My kids really enjoyed this app and I even played it for quite a few levels and found it enjoyable. The tilt control makes it different from some of the other apps and can teach children a lot about hand eye cordination all while playing a game. There is options to make the app harder or easier depending on your child so many ages can enjoy this app. Older children will still find it fun on the harder level and younger children will enjoy the easy level. Great, fun, and enjoyable app for all especially during Halloween :)
iTunes link:
Facebook link:


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Lucha Libre USA: Make your own Masked Warrior

Lucha Libre USA: Make your own Masked Warrior by Night and Day Studios, Inc. is a cute ipod/iphone app. You get to take a picture and then make your own mask. You make your mask and then you can make a poster or save and share. This app is very fun to use for Halloween to share a mask with your friends. My kids enjoy making their own mask and then trying to make the cats a mask too lol :). This is fun for all year round especially if your child is wrestling fan.

Here's a word from the developer
With the Make Your Own Masked Warriors app, fans of the show can channel the spirit of the fight to create an authentic mask by taking a picture of themselves then choosing the color, style and design of the mask. Pick from a variety of pre-made masks, or design one from scratch. Then put the masked creation on a wrestling fighting poster and pick an actual opponent from MTV's Lucha Libre USA wrestling team to battle! www.lucha-libre-apps.com

Go Away, Big Green Monster!

Go Away, Big Green Monster! by Night and Day Studios, Inc. is a wonderful app for Halloween. I thought this one was one of the cutest book for monsters :) I love the song that this app includes and so does my kids. My youngest makes me play it over and over again. This book is also interactive. When you press on the monsters face each part will do a different movement. There is many different ways to read this book such as read it yourself, read along with a friend, sing along, and read along with Ed. Make sure to check out other books by Night and Day like Busytown and Counting with the Very Hungry Caterpillar!!! Highly recommend Halloween story.

Here from the developer
Turn scary into silly this Halloween when Ed Emberley's beloved and best-selling book, Go Away, Big Green Monster!, comes to mobile. Cleverly die-cut with bold colors and overlapping pages just like the book, this app from Night & Day Studios progressively reveals (and then removes) each piece of the Big Green Monster -- putting all the power in the child’s hands.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Biscuit Visits the Pumpkin Patch

Biscuit Visits the Pumpkin Patch by FrogDogMedia LLC is wonderful. This app is brought to you from iStoryTime so make sure to stop by and say hi to them :) My daughter just loves Biscuit books since she's able to read most of them by herself. This app does Biscuit well. It's fun to look for all the hidden dog biscuits along the way and there is also a coloring book and a sticker book included in this app. I love that there is three options when reading the story. You can chose auto play, read to me, or read to myself. These options leave this book open to all three of my children and still makes it fun for learning time or down time. Biscuit books are easy for young children learning to read to be able to try to read to themselves. I would highly recommend this book and would hope to see more Biscuit books in the future from this developer. I think they did an awesome job with it and love seeing all the activities they have within the app :)


Spooky Playtime

Spooky Playtime by Bombing Brain Interactive is a great app. I like this one because of all the educational games included all while still staying true to a game for our youngsters. My faviort had to be the junk food zombies. You have to pick healthy snacks for the zombies to eat so they can become human once again. There is many different activities though also that help with hand eye cordination such as dot to dots, and puting billy bones back togeather again. Your child can also learn shapes by playing with different characters that only like certain shaped candies. My kids love playing this game over and over again. So far this has been one of their top apps lately for games. If you are looking for a fun educational game for halloween this would be a great app for you :)


Monday, October 24, 2011

What was I Scared of?- Dr. Seuss

What was I Scared of?- Dr. Seuss by oceanhouse media is of course a great app it's Dr. Seuss :). This app is very cute. It's about I being scared because a pair of pants are following him everywhere. This is scary but not really scary. Young/ old doesn't really matter since it's Dr. Seuss most will love. I enjoy the rhyming Dr. Seuss apps/books have. It teaches our children many different things and will help some even read since the words are kind of catchy. Words are also highlighted in the book to help with reading also and once again it has the auto play feature. Words will zoom up as they are touched to also help with word recognization and reading. My kids just love these books even though they think they are weird since none of it could really happen. These books are fun but still educational at the same time. Highly recommended halloween app to get ready for the big day :)

Links to oceanhouse media are posted on my Berenstain Bear review :)

The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin

The Legend of Spookley the Square Pumpkin by oceanhouse media is another great by oceanhouse. This book is perfect for young children. It's not a scary book for children that have a hard time with halloween because of all the monsters. It's also very cute. I also loved this book because Spookley was different from all the other pumpkins which made him "special". It teaches our children that being different doesn't always meen a bad thing and sometimes you can come out on top for being different. This is a very important thing for our children to learn. This again has the auto play feature that I love for young children or children that have a tendency to turn pages when they shouldn't :). Please check out my previous review for links to their facebook, twitter and website. This again is a highly recommend book :)

The Berenstain Bears Go on a Ghost Walk

The Berenstain Bears Go on a Ghost Walk by Oceanhouse Media is a wonderful app. I grew up reading The Berenstain Bears and this does the book justice. I loved the pictures and how it was read aloud. I also liked that when you pushed something on the screen it would tell you the word for it outloud as you went along on the story. Go on a Ghost Walk is a great halloween story for young and old. It's hard not to enjoy the bears with any story they have and this one is perfect for children because it's not too scary for anyone. I love the auto play feature for young children since they don't have to turn the pages ( I have two children that will constently turn without listening without this feature). I highly recommend getting this book for anyone that enjoys the Berenstain Bears books or enjoyed them in the past :)


Sunday, October 23, 2011

iTalk Smurf

iTalk Smurf by FrogDogMedia LLC is a cute app from all of our faviorts the Smurfs. This app changes your voice when you speak to it to sound like Clumsy the smurf. There is many hidden sounds that when played around with you can discover. Your children will love this app if you have tried other apps that talk back to you. For some kids this app will help with speaking in general and with others like mine it will help build conversation skills. It's amazing how when you don't have to talk to a person how great of a conversation you can have with something just repeating you. My 6yr old actully feels confertable enough speaking to these types of apps he speaks almost totally clearly and will actully answer questions. He feels like he has a friend to talk to that won't run away from him or judge him :)


I-Itch inc. apps

Let's Bead Friends is the perfect app for little girls that love to build jewelry without the mess. You can design many different bracelets while playing with this app. You choose out of 10 colors and 5 different shapes. You can tag your bracelet and then share via email, facebook, or save it in your jewelry box. You can use this app as a eductional app by learning colors, patterns, shapes and much more. I use this for the educational value with my boys by teaching them how to make patterns but my daughter loves to make the jewlery over and over again.

ABC Shakedown Plus is a wonderful educational app. There is three catagories Classic, See it/ Say it, and Hear it/ Hit it. Classic is interducing your child to the abc's, see it is your child has to choose between three blocks and then your child will put it with the corresponding picture, and lastly hear it is where your child must drag the correct dot to the picture that makes the same sound. This app is great for learning the basics of your abc's all the way down to the sounds letters make. All three of my kids use it for different things. I would recommend this app if your child is having problems learning the alphabet or learning there sounds that the letters make :)


Counting with the Very Hungry Caterpillar for the ipad

Counting with the Very Hungry Caterpillar by Night and Day Studios, Inc. is a very cute app. I really thought this one was very cute. I've always loved this story while growing up and this app does it justice. There is 5 levels in this app. Level 1 is counting, level2 is vocabulary, level 3 quantity, level 4 addition, and level 5 is the game. Many different ages will be able to enjoy and explore this app. My almost 8yr old loves to play around with this and is still learning many of the skills offered within this app. My boys especially learn from this and love playing it over and over again. The pictures are great within the app and children will learn from this by recognizing counting and different fruits. If you love the Very Hungry Caterpillar of other apps by Night and Day Studios such as Caillou's World or Richard Scarry's Busytown I would highly recommend this app. They do a wonderful job of producing familiar characters that parents grew up with and have loved for many years and that our children well learn to love for many more :)


Playtunes Piano

Playtunes Piano by Garry Froehlich is a cute little app where your child gets to explore a piano with many different sounds. There is so many different sounds in this app it's amazing. It takes your average keyboard to a whole new level. There is 6 themes and each theme has 3 different keyboard sounds. You can press many different things within the app for different hidden sounds with a lot of animation and sparklers. This app is great for the young child but my older two love it too. It's fun to just play around with. Your child will be able to sit for a very long time just playing around with this app hearing all the different sounds this app has to offer :)

Trunky Learns Numbers (early school) and Trunky Learns Letters (early school)

Trunky learns numbers and Trunky learns letters by Serious Games Interactive are two great game/educational apps. Your child runs a very cute elephant toward adding with Trunky learns numbers. You add togeather the numbers at the bottom of the screen and stear trunky toward the answer. In Trunky learns letters you spell out the word at the bottom of the screen. Both apps are pretty fun. My 6yr is able to play the letter one but since he can't add yet he doesn't really play the adding one except to run Trunky around the screen but my daughter on the other hand tries to add them togeather. I wish the controls for Trunky were a little bit easier to run but they do get the hang of it after a while. My kids love when it ends Trunky kind of dances around. The letter app has 200+ dolch words and the number one has 200 different questions with three levels of play with both. This app will grow with your child but I wouldn't recommend this app until at least kindergarten level.

Friday, October 21, 2011

KidsMag Issue 1 and issue 2 lite

KidsMag Issue 1 and issue 2 are wonderful apps brought to you from Portegno Apps. I usually would not do lite version reviews but these two apps are awesome. You get about half the magazine for free. These magazines are similar to the Highlight magazines I remember as kid but better. They are very interactive with many things for your child to discover. There is stories, drawing, coloring, puzzles, and much much more. They offer a lot of learning activites plus a lot of fun. I enjoyed playing with it while checking it out. I was surprised for free version how much these apps had to offer. Please stop by and check them out. There's nothing to lose since these two apps are free.
* Coming soon in October 2011 KidsMag issue 3 (33 pages)

KidsMag issue 1 Lite: 473072540

KidsMag issue 2 Lite: 473060129
Website: www.portegno-apps.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Portegno_Apps

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Toca Boca

Toca Hair Salon- is a cute little app that you style hair many different ways. You can cut, color, ect. your hair style and even save it to your pictures. My kids love this one. They have come up with many different hair styles.
Toca Store- Is a great app for learning about how a store works. You pick you items and then you pay for them at the register by how many ever coins you chose it's worth. This app has both eductional value and fun. You have to count out the coins to give by placing them from the coinpurse into the register. My kids thought this was really fun and it got them playing togeather.
Toca Robot Lab- I thought this one was really cool. You build your robot many different ways and then he flies off. My boy especially thought this one was great.
Toca Tea Party- Another really cute app that got my kids playing togeather. You pick out your table supplies and then have a tea party. I thought it was really cute that when you spill something you have to clean it up with a napkin.
Paint My Wings- this was one of our first toca apps and my kids still play it now all the time. They love painting the butterflies.
Toca Doctor HD- Has many mini games and is perfect for young children since it's not so long that they can't finish the app in one sitting. My kids have yet to get board with many mini games and they think it's really cool that you get to be the doctor and fix the boy.

I would highly recommend all toca boca apps for there value as a reinforcer with a little learning added in. I love that some of their apps reinforce social skills and teach children how to play togeather.


Video Trailer - Toca Tea Party: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n584x01eftg

Video Trailer - Toca Doctor: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQSvWYOhlNk

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Littlest Pet Shop by electronic arts

Littlest Pet Shop by electronic arts is a game Lexi just loves. My boys will even play this occationaly. It works great for fine motor skills and they don't even realize they are working. There is a dance game where you have to trace the lines and a frisbee game where you have to try to get the hula hoops. The dress up isn't that exciting but my kids seem to like it. This game is made for the iphone/ipod so on my ipad graphics aren't my faviort but they are fine for the kids. You can have up to three pets of your choice. Not my faviort layout of a game but if the kids enjoy it and it helps with fine motor skills it's good enough for me if you can get it on sale at a decient price.

A bee sees by headlight software Inc.

A bee sees by headlight software Inc. is a great app for toddlers and preschoolers. You get the first two sections free but I found it worth it to purchase the whole package for 99cents. Zach just loves to pop the ballons in the game and it does a good job at teaching letters, numbers, and colors for this age. Very bright and colorful display with a very friendly bee that attracts this age group to the app. If your looking for a cheap app that will do these things then I would suggest to at least try out the free version to see if they will like it which includes colors and pop for fun. It has many different options under the settings and the settings are hidden by making you triple tap on the bee so your children would have a hard time changing them for you. There is also a sign language option if you are working with sign language at all.

DotToDot numbers & letters by Apps in my Pocket Ltd

DotToDot numbers & letters by Apps in my Pocket Ltd is great for many different ages. It helps all my kids learn their numbers and letters. It has many different settings and you can adjust these to your childs needs. It will keep track if your child answers wrong but I have found some faults in it while working with Logan. He got a lot wrong but it only showed ones up in the count if he his the number not if the line went to the wrong place. I don't really keep track of this but some do so if you want something really accurate with this you might not get that with this. All in all this app is great. I love the pics and sound effects are great for encourgement. You are able to have pics of your children so they know who's is who's and it will give you preset settings for each age group which you can change as needed for your child. The parentzone is great for setting everything up for your children so it's ready to go when they are and you must answer a question to get into it. Great app if your kids love dot to dot's or if you need to work on abc's and 123's.

Magic Marker by Tropisounds

Magic Marker by Tropisounds is a doodle app that my kids love. There is so many different doodles they can do in many different colored backgrounds and you can even put a pic behind the black or white screen to find. There is a large assortment of different stamps to use. It's very bright and colorful. You can use it even to teach writting if you want to work with them with it by having them write letters, numbers, or words on the black or white screen. You can even do more then one background at a time with the freeze frame button. I only have the Ipod version but it works great with the 2x option on the Ipad. All in all great doodle app if you are looking for one for drawing :)

The Monster at the End of This Book by Sesame Street/Callaway

The Monster at the End of This Book by Sesame Street/Callaway is a very good book. My kids love a the little stuff you can do during the story along the way. There is a parent tip mode if you want helpful info or tips to extend the story outside of the book. There is also a young reader mode for a more direct guide with turning pages, highlighting words, and a few other things. I found this book to be quite enjoyable myself as it is a classic for me :). We all probably remember grover as a child which makes it fun to sit and listen to with your child or even for them to sit and listen to alone.

I learn with Poko Seasons and Weather! HD and I learn with Poko Jungle by Tribal Nova

I learn with Poko Seasons and Weather! HD and I learn with Poko Jungle by Tribal Nova are wonderful apps with bright colorful apps that keep my kids very interested in playing for well over a half hour. If your child has a hard time understanding seasons then the seasons and weather one is great. Poko Jungle is great for understanding animals from the jungle. I love that they are familar characters and are very friendly and cute. I am highly thinking about getting the additions one to add to them also. Works great for preschool to kindergarten/1st grade.

Splash Math Grade 1 by studypad, inc.

Splash Math Grade 1 by studypad, inc. is awesome for children entering or in grade 1 math skills. It's not overly kidish for older children that are on a first grade level so even they would enjoy working with this app. I love it because even though it's not overly kiddish there is a lot of prompting to get the answers right so you can see what happends next. It runs like a workbook so it doesn't read off the words so you will most likely have to sit next to them and help. That is the only downfall I seen because my daughter loves to work on this stuff by herself. It does have sounds however which helps make it a want to play app even without the question being read to them. This is one of her most faviort math apps she has even though needs me to help her through.

Injini by NCsoft

Injini by NCsoft is a wonderful app especially for preschoolers, toddlers, and special needs children. Fine motor skills at there best. There is many different games to play with all different levels. My 7 1/2 yr old daughter even gets a lot of use out of this app to help with her thinking and finemotor skills. If you are worried about the cost of this app there is now a free version with some of the games on it with limited levels to try out. It was a high cost app but with so much into to it it was well worth the cost. There is puzzles, abcs, sequence, and much more to enjoy. It's kind of a all in one app that they have plans to build onto in the future with no inapp purchase required.

icommunicate by Grembe Inc.

icommunicate by Grembe Inc. is a pretty good app if you need picture communication or story boards. I use it mainly for story boards for my kids since they do have language but have a hard time with order of things. My 6yr old also uses when he has problems with talking since he has a hard time with words at times. I love the story board feature on it since it's simple to use but I still prefer to have them accessable to all my kids so I prefer the printed version but you can do that with this app. It's easy to use your own pictures and then latter print them off. My version of icommunicate is a testing version but most of it should be in the app already or will be very shortly. I am still testing it out and have much more to learn about the app but I still would recommend it for these options if that is what your needing. It's a lot cheaper then the old systems and very versitile to your needs, if one part doesn't quite fit for your child another part of the app might :)

My Underwear by Thumb Arcade

My Underwear by Thumb Arcade is a wonderful reinforcement app for children with special needs. There is a lot of activities to do and what kids doesn't love playing with underware. You can paint different underwear, match underwear to the different animals, have a monster eat underwear, and match up underwear. My kids definatly love this app. Their faviort has to be eating the underware game. My faviort for them is the matching the underwear to the right animal since it does have some learning purpose to it :). The colors are bright and the sounds are kind of catchy even. Fun for almost any grade schooler and below. I even like to play with it sometimes but thats on the hush hush or my kids would think I'm silly lol.

TeachMe Toddler, TeachMe Kindergarten, and TeachMe 1st grade by 24x7 digital LLC

TeachMe Toddler, TeachMe Kindergarten, and TeachMe 1st grade by 24x7 digital LLC are great apps. Many different things to do in each of them with little coins you win when you get the answers right to go and buy stickers for your stickerbook in the app. My kids just love this and work really hard toward earning the coins even my most stubbron child loves this app. I like it because its more like a workbook but animated so when you add or subtract it takes them away or adds them as you press each one. You can set it with a password so your child can't erase things they are not supposed too which is an awesome feature with little hands. You can look at their progress chart to see what they have done also which is another thing I like about this app. The speaking of the mouse is very clear and understandable unlike some apps that you can't really understand well. Great apps for toddler to 1st grade level children. I would definatly suggest all three of them to anyone.

Sunny Artivulation Phonology Test by Smarty Ears

Sunny Artivulation Phonology Test by Smarty Ears is a great app for speech pathologist. You can easily track results of the test and then email them over to the computer. I like it for home because then I can give the results over to their speech teachers on what the outcome is while doing it at home. It's very easy to use and just about anyone can use it but you do have to be able to listen closely to the sounds but the recording option helps great with that. I also like that you are able to take notes as needed during the app. Overall this app is more based toward speech teachers but it is still possible to use at home.

Dano Pirate and the Numbers

Dano Pirate and the Numbers is a wonderful app for special needs children and typical develping preschoolers. There is many different pirates even animal ones to chose from. It has fine motor development by tracing numbers. It also has number identifaction, counting, and more. I love this app because of the bright colorful animation and the fact it will track your childs progress through the app. There is a sticker book that the child can earn stickers after doing so much which I know my children just love to earn. It's perfect for any little pirate lover. My kids just love this app since there is so much to do and they love the pirate :)

Pirate ph.d. by Bear-Eco Technologies, LLC

Pirate ph.d. by Bear-Eco Technologies, LLC is another great pirate game that as you play it dresses up your pirate. It has many different games on the free version and then the expanded version is only 99cents and is well worth the price. There is rhyming, time, adding, riddles, animals, coins, sentence completion, colors and matter. It's a well rounded app with many different learning activities for many ages. It talks in a pirates voice that many children enjoy. No need for reading as it will read for you for most games (not all but most). It's great for kindergarten and above age groups. It doesn't dock you points or make you not get points if you get it wrong which some will enjoy and some won't. Be sure to go and check out the free version of this app and see if it's something you may be able to use :)

Preschool Adventure Island by 3DAL, LLC

Preschool Adventure Island by 3DAL, LLC is a fun educational game for preschoolers. Many different activities with kid friendly characters. I included this as a pirate app since there is a pirate ship in it that shoots out different items as you add a letter to the word. That is just one activity you can do in this app. I use it with all three of my kids for different things. Graphics and sounds are really good in this app. They use a childs voice instead of a computer generated which makes it easy to understand. I prefer when they use real voices so it's easy to understand. The map is easy for children to navigate through for different games

The Pirates of Fossil Island- Math Games! by Brain Racer Inc.

The Pirates of Fossil Island- Math Games! by Brain Racer Inc. is a great pirate app for children learning to multiply. My kids of course can't use this app since they don't understand multiplying but I found it fun. You pick a pirate and then you race against the computer to get to the treasure. It's a simple game but makes multiplying fun. The characters are very child friendly. I would like to see them add to it by adding other math problems such as adding, subtracting, and divison at some point.

Pirate treasure hunt: eight challenges by Education Services Australia Ltd.

Pirate treasure hunt: eight challenges by Education Services Australia Ltd. is a fun eight challenge game. It's a little bit hard for my three but Lexi is starting to be able to do some of it. I would say the game itself is ment for kindergarten to first grade. It does repeat itself so some may get board with it quickly but mine are still trying to catch on to some of the concepts so it hasn't gotten boring to them. It's not very long of a game but to me that's ok because my kids like to be able to get to the end of a challenge in one sitting for some apps so to me having a few quicker ones is ok by me. I like the pirate and his voice in the app. Good app for any pirate fans out there :)

Kidoodle: Pirate Scribblebeard's Treasure with Oscar and Josephine by Kidoodle Apps

Kidoodle: Pirate Scribblebeard's Treasure with Oscar and Josephine by Kidoodle Apps is a fun drawing app. I love it for it's ability to spark imagination. My kids have a hard time imagining anything so this is a good app to give them a start in the right direction with using their imaginations. I love the animation and the sounds this app makes. Very fun to draw with and very easy too. I love that even with your finger it makes a fine line rather then a thick line like some of the drawing apps do. This makes it easy for younger children to even start to draw with this app. I would recommend this app to just about anyone especially if your child loves to draw or needs help with using their imagination :)

Penelope HD by PicPocket Books

Penelope HD by PicPocket Books is a fun loving book about Penelpe and her journey into the pirate world from her bedroom. I like this book since it is interactive which keeps my kids interest throught the whole book. It is a really cute book and the sounds are wonderful. Great book for bedtime or anytime durning the day. It's fun for any age even all us adults out there will like this one:) I found it to very enjoyable and easy to use. It has excelent color throughout the book which will hold your childs interest and should deam this as one of their faviort books (that doesn't have all the fancy stuff at the end of course).

Finn's Paper Hat by Tizio Publishing

Finn's Paper Hat by Tizio Publishing is a cute book about a boy and his paper hat going on an adventure. There is some extras in this app such as make your own paper hat, coloring pages, and a sing along. My kids liked this app because it is interactive and of course the extras. I liked it because it's a simple story that isn't very long (some are just way to long) and it has some interactive features that make it fun. The pictures aren't bright and colorful as some are but with the simple drawing of it makes it kind of neat. Finn is a cute little guy with a huge imagination and in a unique way shows kids what it's like to use theirs :)

Asd and Me: Learning About High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder

This is not an app but is a book that you can get for your ipad/ipod. The book is wonderful and my daughter just loved hearing about another child like herself. I would highly recomend this book for any child with high functioning autism or aspergers. It helps them understand they are not alone. :)
This page is dedicated to explaining autism and Aspergers to children. A couple of years ago, my then five year old son, Donnie, asked me when his younger sister would attend “PIE School,” the autism therapy center that he attended. This simple question got me thinking about how I would explain to him why he is different from other children. What would I tell him when we have our first talk abo...ut his autism? Even though my son has some trouble communicating, he still has lots of big thoughts and ideas. I searched for a children’s book that had a character with autism that my son could relate to and look up to. When I couldn’t find such a book, I was inspired to write ASD and Me. Written for kids diagnosed with Aspergers, PPD-NOS, or autism, parents will appreciate the way this heartwarming book will help them explain high functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to their child on the spectrum. ASD and Me is written from the point of view of Eli, a seven year-old boy that has high functioning autism spectrum disorder. Through the story, Eli explains how he was diagnosed and how ASD affects the way he thinks and interprets the world around him. He also talks about some of the social and life skills he has learned that help him fit in with others. The story concludes with some of the interests and activities that Eli shares with other children. A Letter to Parents section at the end of the book offers detailed information about the symptoms of high functioning ASD, which would be helpful in explaining the disorder to extended family and friends. We would love to hear your insights on parenting an ASD child or living with ASD. We would especially like to hear about the experience you have had either telling your child about their ASD diagnosis, or what is it was like to find out that you have ASD.See More
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TeddyMix 1 and TeddyMix 2 by Leripa AB

TeddyMix 1 and TeddyMix 2 by Leripa AB is a great app for preschool up to first grade (at least in my home). It's aimed at preschoolers but my 7 1/2yr old daughter even likes these. TeddyMix 1 is sort and categorize which helps children learn the difference of items and puting them in the correct bucket. I know here my kids have a hard time learning the different categories of different items so i...t helps teach these things. It also has what does not belong which helps children recoganize things from a group that don't belong within the catagory. TeddyMix 1 is a build and design app. You get differnt seens that you can make your own. This is a fun little app that children will love to make all the diffent seens. When you put different items on the screen it will make them animated which is different then some other make sceen app. Each time you tap a item without dragging it you will get a different item to use. You can even take a pic of your sceen and change your music or turn backround music off if you would like. All in all cute little app that most children in this age group will enjoy. I love the little teddy bears they have and all the different things they use in the app. I would love to see more catagories added in the future to both apps to further extend them out :)

Spot the Dot by Ruckus Media

Spot the Dot by Ruckus Media is a fun little game for toddler to preschool age. Zach likes to play this one a lot. He loves trying to find the dot in each picture. Some of the more challenging ones he wants you to do but no surprise there lol. Logan even enjoys this game and it's great for color recoganizing. I like it because it's challenging but fun at the same time for them. Lexi plays it a little but it is a little young for her. She likes to play it when she doesn't want to think to hard so it's kind of a reniforcer for her instead of a learning tool. So if you want an app that can be both learning or a renenforcer this one could be for you :)

Richard Scarry's Busytown by Night and Day Studios, Inc.

Richard Scarry's Busytown by Night and Day Studios, Inc. is a fun little seek and find app. First you get to pick a character and then get him/her all dressed up. After doing that you go to different areas of a house and search for different things that they request. Perfect for younger children as they only ask for one thing at a time on each page. All the pages send you back out after you find t...he one item except for one page (I'll be asking if it's a mistake or not) which might be a little confusing for some with that one. It's still a fun little app with familar characters which I like and my children do too. I also like that when you tap different things in the room it will name them even if that's not what your looking for and many different interactive items in each room. Please be sure to check out Caillou's World by Night and Day Studios which is another wonderful app by the same developer.

BehaviorTrackerPro by Marz Consulting Inc.

BehaviorTrackerPro by Marz Consulting Inc. is a great app for tracking behavior especially for professionals. I love the option of video recording the behaviors. You can get graphs for all the behaviors rated by frequency, Duration, or rate. There is no max on how many children you record so it makes for a wonderful app for teachers, theripst, or anyone trying to track multiple children at the sam...e time. It's a little difficult to learn how to use but still easy enough once learned to put in all the data. The ability to record your child sets it apart from most other behavior tracker and definatly makes this app worth while if your looking to put all the data including video of your child in action with the behavior. Also for multiple observers of the child/children it has this option so anyone can use it once you put their name in so you can track even how the child is with different observers. It also has it so you must triple tap to get out of each thing so your child can't exit you by accident which can be helpful also. It has many preset behviors already within the app with the ability to add more as needed. It also has a space to take notes while running the app so if you think of something you need to write down you have the area to do it without leaving the app. All in all a little hard to get used to but once you do it's a wonderful app for tracking behaviors.

AutismTrack by Handhold Adaptive, LLC

AutismTrack by Handhold Adaptive, LLC is also a great easy to use app for tracking behavior. I loved this app for tracking behavior at home. Very easy to use checklist that allows you to track behaviors, therapies used, medications, and diets. There is not an option to video record but still is wonderful to use. On the first screen is the childrens names, birthdate, and dx. Then you put in the int...erventions used such as vitamins, diets, and therapies used. This area even has a place to put checkmarks so if one wasn't used that day you know it. Next is behaviors themselves that you rate from least to most desirable. It's a sliding scale from 0 to 100%. Next is review. You can review your entries, analyze trends, and even email raw metrics. All areas have preset items that you can choose from or you can enter your own also. There is everything from fine motor skills to hitting. Even under medications there is some of the most common meds used in the library along with diet and therapies. If yours is not on the list it's easy to add as needed. This app is primarily used for autism behavior tracking unlike the last app I reviewed but could be used also for some similar things such as adhd. I like this app for families and teachers primarily since it's so simple to put the data in and graph and email others. If your looking for a simple behavior tracker without all the bells and wistles this app is for you. Fast, easy, and uncomplacated to use :)

Shapes and Puzzles by Pirate Trio

Shapes and Puzzles by Pirate Trio is a wonderful app. I love this app for my 4yr old most of all. He has a lot of fine motor problems and this helps a lot with that. He works very hard at trying to get the puzzles togeather but he keeps at it because of this app. He loves seeing the pic when it's all togeather. He also has a hard time with matching pieces but this app has helped a lot with that al...so. It also has you find shapes and colors with the blocks which helps with color and shape regognization. The voice is very clear when they do this so it's easily understood by the child. I do also use this on my 6yr old for the puzzles since he also is still doing the basics with finemotor. I would definatly recommend this app for any child with finemotor problems or that needs to learn shapes and colors :)See More

Love to Count by Pirate Trio

Love to Count by Pirate Trio is another wonderful app from Pirate Trio. This is a really great app. It has so much different basic math things involved with it. It has counting, missing number, adding, and more. My 6yr old and my almost 8yr old loves this app. The voice is very clear and very easy to understand. The pics are wonderful on this app. You make a goal of getting all the letters by doin...g so many activities and then you get a surprise after you make the word. The pics in this app are very cool with all the pirates. This app is perfect for any child at kindergarten level and above. Maybe even late preschoolers if they know their numbers well. There is nothing about this app that I've found that I don't love. Settings are easy to use and save each childs prizes and spots when they end. I would highly recommend this app :)

Peekaboo Barn by Night and Day Studios, Inc.

Peekaboo Barn by Night and Day Studios, Inc. is a great app for toddlers and early preschoolers. Simple and easy to use. Most children love farm animals. The music and sounds are great. If your child is just learning to use the Ipad or Ipod this is an awesome app to teach them cause and effect and how to use the the Ipad/Ipod by using their hands. Everytime the barn starts to shake you are suppose...d to touch the barn and it will open to show a new animal with it's sound, look, and name. You can also pick the voice you want to use or use your own if you do not like the preset childs voice. It's would work really well for your child to practice saying the words if you would like this app to work even on older children with speech problems. I haven't really tried that option out yet but may try it with my 6yr old soon. Great app and very popular with many. Hope you will enjoy this app and look at all the possibilites even if your child is not as young as it may be usually though for :)

PrepositionBuilder by Mobile Education Tools

PrepositionBuilder by Mobile Education Tools is one of the best yet. I love all the Mobile ed apps and was sure I was going to love this one too but it out did itself with this one. There is sooo much into this app to keep the child motivated to do more that I can't believe it. The pics are wonderful and the video is even better!!! The voice is clear as always. I love the recording feature after t...hey solve the problem. Many children with special needs have problems with prepositions and need additional practice with this. Well this app sure does it. It helps with prepositions and speech all at the same time and keeps the child wanting more to finish out the story. I highly highly recommend all mobile ed apps especially this one for children with speech delays. This app even works for nonverbal children since you can pass over the saying the sentence part and work on only the prepositions if speech is not possible. The recommend age 5-10 but I would recommend even age 4 and up depending on each childs ability. I know I'm going to try using it on my 4yr old since they start teaching prepositions even in prek just to see how he does. Right now I've only used it on my older two but they sure do love this app :)

Once Upon a Potty: Boy by Oceanhouse Media

Once Upon a Potty: Boy is a wonderful book for potty training children. Like the book you can by in stores but a whole lot better. I have the regular copy but decided my 4yr old would probably like this book on the Ipad and I was very right. They even have a potty song!!! My son walks all over the house with the Ipod singing to this song :). He enjoys the book since it's so easy for him to just sit and listen too. Very easy format for children to use. Very big positive was that my son is now potty trained day and night. I do owe some of that to this book. It wasn't long afterward that he was fully potty trained. My older two even love to sit and listen to the song and find the book very funny. They love all the things the little boy tries to do with the potty. If you have a child your trying to potty train this book is definatly for them. Very well done app by Oceanhouse Media. You can find them at www.oceanhousemedia.com ,@oceanhouseMedia on twitter, on facebook under Oceanhouse Media, or straight to Itunes at http://bit.ly/omapps

Hop on Pop by Oceanhouse Media

Hop on Pop is one of my faviort books of all time. I have always loved this book and this just made me love it even more. I found the pictures to be wonderful on my Ipad and I loved the function of hearing what different things were when pressed throughout the book. My kids loved this book and it went slow enough (unlike mom) to hear the words clearly. This book is wonderful to learn rhyming and oppisites. My children struggle in both these areas and I'm still trying to teach all three of them the difference between the two and what they mean. This book helps so much with all of it. I usually wouldn't even look at a book without all the extras in it but this book is great without it. The words are read very clearly throughout the book so children can hear how to say each word clearly. I highly recommend this book if you love Dr. Suess and your children need practice on rhyming and oppisites. You can find this book and more at www.oceanhousemedia.com , @OceanhouseMedia on twitter, on the oceanhouse media on facebook, and their link to Itunes is http://bit.ly/omapps

PicPocket Books

  1. Peter Rabbit HD is a great story about Peter Rabbit. This is my 6yr olds faviort stories of all time. This book did it justice. The pics are nice and bright. It doesn't have any animation to it and keeps it very much like the original. I wish it was a little more upbeat but is great for bedtime. If you love the book you'll love this. Defiantly a treasured book that all children will enjoy.
  2. Skid and the Too Tiny Tunnel HD is a cute book that my children enjoyed. It's about a truck named Skid who is smaller then all the other trucks. He was pasted up as worth nothing until the tunnel came down on their friend. It shows children that no matter how small they can always be worth something sometime. Everyone is needed in this world even if you are the smallest in the bunch.
  3. Pete and Pillar HD is about two trucks that are completly different but are the best of friends. They are told not to be friends from all the other trucks but they still remain friends. Then a big problem comes up in the community and the two friends go off to save the other trucks but one starts to not trust the other because of what the other trucks said to him. I let you read the rest of the story though once you buy the app (don't want to give it away :) ). My kids loved this book because it should even if you are different you can still be friends
  4. Peterkin Meets a Star HD is a wonderful app that me and the kids throughly enjoyed. My kids even felt bad for the star when he was sick. Bright colorful pictures with some items you can push throughout makes this one of my top books in my collection. My daughter who is starting to read like to follow along with the story. I liked that it was shorter then some of the other stories that are on the ipad because some of them get very long. I'd say younger children up to first grade will love this story.
  5. Huggybird HD is a great story about a little bird who finds a dream box. He goes on many different adventures throughout the story. It has some animation to it which keeps it lively for the little ones but the story is adventurous enough for the older ones. I enjoyed the story and thought it was very nicely done. I think this story is for children ages baby to first grade and that boys and girls alike should enjoy this story.
  6. Wendy Whale HD is a alphabet book that has many different animals in it. Each letter represents many different animals throughout. My boys enjoyed searching for each animal on the page. I enjoyed the story too but my daughter wasn't a huge fan. Part of her problem with the book was that she already knew the alphabet and it was long lol. The animals in the book are very colorful and I even learned a few new ones. If you have Kindergarten and below this app is defenitly a good one. It may even be for older children then that that love animals and seeing all the different ones this story offers.
  7. Snuggle Mountain is one of my faviorts from PicPocket. I loved this story and it had many things to interact with. When you touched certain things they would make noise. I read this with my six year old son and he thought it was great. He liked the story and being able to touch the different things. This story is about Emma and her quest to get her pancakes but first she must climb a mountian. She runs into many different things along the way in her quest. I highly highly recommend this one
  8. Three Blind Mice is a funny song/book. It starts and ends with the whole song. It sings as it tells the story. It's about three blind mice that think they are climbing many different things only to find out it's an elephant. My children and myself enjoyed singing along with the story. It is definnatly not a bedtime story but is a great for a daytime story. I recommend this book for many ages and think it's a very fun and entertaining book.
  9. A, My Name is Andrew is a alphabet book. It has many tounge-twisters throughout. My children weren't big fans since it's really long but the tounge-twisters make it worth it for the older bunch. Toddler to early preschoolers whould probably have a very hard time sitting through it and a lot of the words are long. It is a mulit-culteral book though which makes it unique and the twisters make it fun.

Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd.

Naming TherAppy- Is a wonderful app that works great for speech therapy in or out of the home. There is over 400 nouns used in this app. First is naming practice where you saying words with hints as needed. Next in the app is describe where you describe things about the picture. You will hear prompting info about many different things to explain the pic. Next is the naming test where you are able to score and report about what is being tested. And last but not least is flashcards which has over 500 pictures. You can touch each card to hear the spoken word if needed. There is a child-friendly mode so no violence or alcohol is shown. This app has helped all three of my children in many different catagories. It's not a childish app at all so can be used with child to adult.
Comprehension TherAppy- Is another great app from Tactus. There is three modes to use. Listen, read, and listen and read. Listen is where you match spoken words to the picture. Read is where you match a printed word to the picture. Listen and read is match a spoken word to the written word. This all helps children in many different ways all depending on where your child is at. With my boys I use Listen but with my daughter I can use all three. It helps with recognizing words, picture, and sounds of letters. It comes with nouns but you can purchase verbs and adjectives in-app if wanted. I have not purchased them yet but do plan too. You can select 2,3,4, or 6photos on each screen or let the app chose for you based on how your doing. Everything is said very clearly and easily understood. Again can be used with child or adult since not a childish app.
Writing TherAppy- Another great!!! I use this app with my daughter. Perfect for her since she's learning to spell. You can do fill in the blank, copy, spell what you see, and spell what you hear. Right now I'm using fill in the blank but will soon moving up. If your looking for a great spelling app this is definatly it. Again adult or child and can be used for years. You can get hints on each level as needed and there is trial and error format that is perfect for children.
I'm very surprised these apps haven't been more talked about. It's everything you could ask for speech and spelling. I am also very impressed from the speaker of each app is clear and precise and the pictures are easy to see what they are. It's kind of nice to have a no bling app where it's just to learn from that way they look forward to the reward afterward of maybe playing their faviort game or their faviort book :)
Video Demonstration at www.tactustherapy.com/writing.html
Website: www.tactustherapy.com
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