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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd.

Naming TherAppy- Is a wonderful app that works great for speech therapy in or out of the home. There is over 400 nouns used in this app. First is naming practice where you saying words with hints as needed. Next in the app is describe where you describe things about the picture. You will hear prompting info about many different things to explain the pic. Next is the naming test where you are able to score and report about what is being tested. And last but not least is flashcards which has over 500 pictures. You can touch each card to hear the spoken word if needed. There is a child-friendly mode so no violence or alcohol is shown. This app has helped all three of my children in many different catagories. It's not a childish app at all so can be used with child to adult.
Comprehension TherAppy- Is another great app from Tactus. There is three modes to use. Listen, read, and listen and read. Listen is where you match spoken words to the picture. Read is where you match a printed word to the picture. Listen and read is match a spoken word to the written word. This all helps children in many different ways all depending on where your child is at. With my boys I use Listen but with my daughter I can use all three. It helps with recognizing words, picture, and sounds of letters. It comes with nouns but you can purchase verbs and adjectives in-app if wanted. I have not purchased them yet but do plan too. You can select 2,3,4, or 6photos on each screen or let the app chose for you based on how your doing. Everything is said very clearly and easily understood. Again can be used with child or adult since not a childish app.
Writing TherAppy- Another great!!! I use this app with my daughter. Perfect for her since she's learning to spell. You can do fill in the blank, copy, spell what you see, and spell what you hear. Right now I'm using fill in the blank but will soon moving up. If your looking for a great spelling app this is definatly it. Again adult or child and can be used for years. You can get hints on each level as needed and there is trial and error format that is perfect for children.
I'm very surprised these apps haven't been more talked about. It's everything you could ask for speech and spelling. I am also very impressed from the speaker of each app is clear and precise and the pictures are easy to see what they are. It's kind of nice to have a no bling app where it's just to learn from that way they look forward to the reward afterward of maybe playing their faviort game or their faviort book :)
Video Demonstration at www.tactustherapy.com/writing.html
Website: www.tactustherapy.com
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