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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

PrepositionBuilder by Mobile Education Tools

PrepositionBuilder by Mobile Education Tools is one of the best yet. I love all the Mobile ed apps and was sure I was going to love this one too but it out did itself with this one. There is sooo much into this app to keep the child motivated to do more that I can't believe it. The pics are wonderful and the video is even better!!! The voice is clear as always. I love the recording feature after t...hey solve the problem. Many children with special needs have problems with prepositions and need additional practice with this. Well this app sure does it. It helps with prepositions and speech all at the same time and keeps the child wanting more to finish out the story. I highly highly recommend all mobile ed apps especially this one for children with speech delays. This app even works for nonverbal children since you can pass over the saying the sentence part and work on only the prepositions if speech is not possible. The recommend age 5-10 but I would recommend even age 4 and up depending on each childs ability. I know I'm going to try using it on my 4yr old since they start teaching prepositions even in prek just to see how he does. Right now I've only used it on my older two but they sure do love this app :)

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