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Friday, October 21, 2011

KidsMag Issue 1 and issue 2 lite

KidsMag Issue 1 and issue 2 are wonderful apps brought to you from Portegno Apps. I usually would not do lite version reviews but these two apps are awesome. You get about half the magazine for free. These magazines are similar to the Highlight magazines I remember as kid but better. They are very interactive with many things for your child to discover. There is stories, drawing, coloring, puzzles, and much much more. They offer a lot of learning activites plus a lot of fun. I enjoyed playing with it while checking it out. I was surprised for free version how much these apps had to offer. Please stop by and check them out. There's nothing to lose since these two apps are free.
* Coming soon in October 2011 KidsMag issue 3 (33 pages)

KidsMag issue 1 Lite: 473072540

KidsMag issue 2 Lite: 473060129
Website: www.portegno-apps.com
Twitter: http://twitter.com/Portegno_Apps

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