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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Trunky Learns Numbers (early school) and Trunky Learns Letters (early school)

Trunky learns numbers and Trunky learns letters by Serious Games Interactive are two great game/educational apps. Your child runs a very cute elephant toward adding with Trunky learns numbers. You add togeather the numbers at the bottom of the screen and stear trunky toward the answer. In Trunky learns letters you spell out the word at the bottom of the screen. Both apps are pretty fun. My 6yr is able to play the letter one but since he can't add yet he doesn't really play the adding one except to run Trunky around the screen but my daughter on the other hand tries to add them togeather. I wish the controls for Trunky were a little bit easier to run but they do get the hang of it after a while. My kids love when it ends Trunky kind of dances around. The letter app has 200+ dolch words and the number one has 200 different questions with three levels of play with both. This app will grow with your child but I wouldn't recommend this app until at least kindergarten level.

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