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Monday, October 24, 2011

What was I Scared of?- Dr. Seuss

What was I Scared of?- Dr. Seuss by oceanhouse media is of course a great app it's Dr. Seuss :). This app is very cute. It's about I being scared because a pair of pants are following him everywhere. This is scary but not really scary. Young/ old doesn't really matter since it's Dr. Seuss most will love. I enjoy the rhyming Dr. Seuss apps/books have. It teaches our children many different things and will help some even read since the words are kind of catchy. Words are also highlighted in the book to help with reading also and once again it has the auto play feature. Words will zoom up as they are touched to also help with word recognization and reading. My kids just love these books even though they think they are weird since none of it could really happen. These books are fun but still educational at the same time. Highly recommended halloween app to get ready for the big day :)

Links to oceanhouse media are posted on my Berenstain Bear review :)

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