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Hi I am a mom of three special needs children with a variety of dx's. I am currently doing reviews on apps for children ages toddler to middle school. I base all my reviews from the special needs stand point. My children are my testers of the apps when appropriate. I appreciate all feedback from my viewers and know not everyone will enjoy all the apps I rate high but please remember when reading a review: check if the app is appropriate for your child, I do not get paid for my reviews but receive app codes for most but not all reviewed apps, I do not take price into account for any of my reviews unless I fully believe it is under priced (I will not judge any app for being overpriced), not everyone will enjoy the apps my children do, and last of all the reviews are based on content only and how my children enjoyed them. Some apps my children are unable to use and I will review them based on my own opinion of the app. thank you all and hope you enjoy my reviews. :)--- Mandy Nite

I have 3 children, two of whom are still living in the home. My five year old has A.S.D. as his main Diagnosis. As you know with Autism comes many other sub Diagnosis. It is truly a learning experience having him in our lives. He has taught me so much.--- Tammy Hadley

I have receintly added product reviews as well to my site. If there is any products you would like reviewed please email me at welcometotheirworld@hotmail.com

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