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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Ideal Binary, Ltd. apps

Ideal Binary, Ltd. apps bring wonderful 3D interactive storybook apps. These apps are wonderful bedtime stories as well as anytime stories. They are fun and wonderful familiar stories that most of us have heard sometime in our lives as children. These stories all come from the Grimm story books.

Grimm's Hansel and Gretel~ 3D Interactive Pop-up Book: This story is my 4yr olds favorite right now. He plays it over and over again everyday since we first read it. The story itself is one we are all familiar with but this book brings fun and enjoyment with it. You get to brush teeth, cut wood, and soo much more. The story is put in pop-up format with 3D looks. As you turn the iPad the story turns with you. You really feel like you are in the woods with Hansel and Gretel as they go along their journey to find their father :)

Grimm's Rapunzel~ 3D Interactive Pop-up Book: This story is very cute and interactive as well. This story takes you on the journey of Rapunzel and her journey toward happiness. This story again is one most of us are familiar with but with a lot of interactive items throughout. This story is also in 3D format and makes the story come alive. :)

Grimm's Red Riding Hood~ 3D Interactive Pop-up Book: This story is about Little Red Riding Hood and her journey with the Big Bad Wolf. Join Little Red Riding Hood as she takes you on a wonderful 3D journey with plenty of interactive items throughout. :)

Grimm's Rumpelstiltskin- 3D Interactive Pop-up Book: This story is about Rumpelstiltskin and how he helps the miller's daughter spin straw into gold but Rumpel always wants something in return. When the 3D images come up you can click on each of the characters to see what they are thinking. :)

Pro's: cute, 3D stories, interactive, familiar tales, most have three modes of reading format

Con's: some could us a few more interactive parts such as Rumpelstiltskins tale, music should have a slider for volume but can be turned off if too interfering, would like to see all have three modes of reading format (read to me, let me read, auto play)

My children and me all enjoyed these stories and I have found them all to be highly, highly, highly recommended especially the Grimm's Hansel and Gretel~ 3D Interactive Pop-up Book. :)


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Playtales previously known as TouchyBooks

Playtales previously known as TouchyBooks are wonderful stories with new options included now with the stories. I've been given the chance to review some of these new and exciting options with their stories and have been very impressed with what I have viewed. There is new mini games included with some of the stories that make these stories more interactive then before and turn these books into an amazing adventure for our children. I believe by adding these mini games has changed these stories into a wonderful buy for parents since they offer low pricing on their books and wonderful classic stories as well as original stories.

Beauty and the Beast: This a wonderful classic story brought to you from Playtales. This story now offers mini games that make this even better then before. This story is about a beautiful princess named Belle and the ugly Beast. The Beast traps the princess away in his castle after her father get captured by the beast while trying to get a rose for Belle. The story goes on to tell how Belle and the Beast eventually fall in love. This story offers three mini games with the story: coloring, finding, and puzzles. There is three options for reading the story as well: auto play, read to me, and read by myself.

Emma and the Monster: This is a original story from Playtales. This story is about a little girl names Emma who was getting bullied by a child at school. She no longer wanted to go to school until she meets a very friendly monster. The monster goes to school with Emma and helps Emma with the bully. This story is interactive with many touch points through the story and also has mini games included. The mini games included are: coloring, find differences and puzzles.

The Witch's Apprentice: This story is about a little girl who wants to become a witch. This story is a very cute and interactive story perfect for Halloween time. This story is interactive and also includes mini games now. The mini games are: coloring, match pairs, and puzzles.

Puss and Boots: This story is a familiar tale about Puss and Boots and a little boy. Puss and Boots promises the little boy he will turn him into the Marquis of Carabas. This story is interactive and also now includes mini games. The mini games are: find the differences, match pairs, and puzzles.

Little Mermaid: This is another familiar tale about the little mermaid who is very interested in the world above the ocean. She meets a ships young captain after a terrible storm when she had to rescue him from drowning. The story goes to tell how the mermaid and the caption fall in love. This story includes mini games and is also interactive. The mini games included are: coloring, find differences and match pairs.

Crazy Farm: This story about a farm and an it's animals. This story is interactive throughout and includes many things to touch and play with such as matching the animals and birds that tweet different notes as you press them. This story also now includes mini games. The mini games are: coloring, match pairs, and puzzles.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: This a familiar tale about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Snow White gets poisoned by the evil Queen. The story goes on to tell how Snow White is rescued by a handsome prince. This story now includes mini game. The games are find differences, finding, and match pairs.

A Day in the Life of a Fashion Girl: This is a brand new story from Playtales. This story is about Rachel who is very lazy. You must help Rachel along the way do her daily life. This story is completely interactive and has mini games throughout. There is soo much to do throughout the whole story. You get to do Rachel's hair, help her cook, a maze, and sooo much more. This book also includes mini games at the end of the story. The mini games are coloring, match pairs, and puzzles.

The True Story of the Beautiful Duckling: This story puts a new twist on the tale of the ugly duckling by changing it around to the beautiful duckling. At one point during the story you even get to choose what path the duckling will take so you can choose your own ending. This story is very cute and brand new to Playtales. This story does not include mini games but is perfect for the younger child. This story helps build self esteem and shows how sometimes being the most beautiful isn't always the best :)

This ends my reviews of PlayTales. You can check out more info about the new changes from TouchyBooks to PlayTales by checking out this link: http://youtu.be/B9ire7uRXLA

Here's my newest addition as well to my reviews. I am going to start listing Pro's and Con's. For this review it will be on PlayTales itself not the stories.

Pro's: Wonderful familiar and original stories, mini games, interactive stories that hold child's interest, shorter stories, great bedtime stories as well as anytime stories, and great prices

Con's: Too easy for child to delete stories from your "My Books", long loading time if you have many stories, and can't choose which to load when you first turn on "My Books"

All stories are highly highly recommended :)


Thursday, February 16, 2012

Portegno Apps

Portegno Apps: iWash my Cats, iWash my Horses, Flashcards Puzzles- Occupations, Fun Math with Scotty,Cartoonizeme and  My Toys are all wonderful apps brought to you from Portegno Apps :)

iWash my Cats and iWash my Horses are all part of the iWash series. With each of these apps they help teach taking care of animals, fine motor skills, and a whole lot of fun. The animals are dirty and your child must clean them up. Your child will have to soap, rinse, dry, and brush each of the animals shown. This app is perfect for young children to learn different skills for taking care of animals all while having a lot of fun. The animals are cute and friendly :) I highly highly highly recommend these apps :)

Flashcards Puzzles- Occupations is a fun app to teach occupations. This app will teach your child different occupation names and their spelling. This app is set up really cute with friendly looking characters but in mixed up order. Your child then must match up the correct way the different people go. This app is simple enough for a toddler but still fun for school aged children. There is other apps in this series such as ABC and numbers, dinosaurs, and birds so that you can pick which would best work for your child. These apps are fun and colorful for a very low price :) Highly highly recommend apps :)

My Toys is a fun app with all sorts of toys. Your child will customize each of the toys to make them their won. This app is very fun to play around with and gives so many options so the app will never be the same with each toy. Your child can even save the toys they create to your pictures so they can check out their work anytime they want. This app is for any age as it is so easy to use but still fun to play with even as the parent. I highly highly highly recommend this app :)

Fun Math with Scotty is a wonderful app for teaching math facts. This app helps teach counting, order recognition, adding, and subtracting in a fun and encouraging way. This app has bright colors and a fun little friend to help your child along the way named Scotty. This app is fun to use and my daughter really loves working with this app. My boys are even starting to learn some math facts with this app as it is so much fun to use. I highly highly highly recommend this app :)

Cartoonizeme is a fun little app for playing with photos. You can add so many things to your pictures to make them funny and cartoonish. This app allows you to add anything from mustaches to fun headbands. Once you've taken a picture or added one from your camera roll you then can customize it in a fun way and add it to your camera roll. You are even able to email these fun pics to your family and friends at anytime. With your photo you can also crop, rotate, scale, change colors and add balloon text. This is a fun app to play around with and the kids just love it. Highly highly highly recommended :)

iTunes links: check out their web page for expansive list of all their apps :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sight Words Hangman

Sight Words Hangman by Marcel Widarto is an awesome app for helping your children learn sight words. This app has 290 sight words included. Your child will be able to not only see but hear the words also. There is 29 unique word list to choose from so you can choose what list to use for your child. This app is perfect for kindergarten to first grade to build on these skills. This app helps teach sight words to your child better then flash cards by adding the game format to it. I'm sure most of us have played hangman at some point in our lives and this app is just like it only better since it uses the words your child needs to learn. The game is simple and easy to use for your child. For this game of hangman your child will touch the word to hear it and then they must select the correct word or a body part falls off. If your child gets the word correct it will move onto the next word. I've used this app with both my kindergartner and my first grader and they love this app. It makes learning sight words fun :) Highly highly highly recommended :)


Thursday, February 9, 2012

What Goes Together?

What Goes Together? by Different Roads to Learning, Inc. is a wonderful app for teaching expressive and receptive language skills. This app is very helpful to the special needs community as it is made simple and clean cut with no fancy distractions. I love that this app is based on just language skills for just work time with your child/children. The images are real and has really clear speech with wonderful positive reinforcements with every question asked. When your child gets answer wrong the object will go back up to the top of the screen and will say "oops try again". This app is perfect for children of any age having trouble figuring out what objects go with what. highly highly highly recommended app :)

additional review:
What Goes Together?

By Different Roads to Learning, Inc.

     Category: Education

     Updated: Jan 06, 2012

     Version: 2.0

     Website: http://www.difflearn.com/

     Number of Apps: 5

     Cost: $1.99


     Developers description:

This interactive game develops language, discrimination, and reasoning skills in young learners. Clear, colorful images of everyday objects promote an understanding of functions and the relationships between items that children encounter on a daily basis. With built-in reinforcement and error correction, this game provides a solid foundation in building critical expressive and receptive language skills.


It starts off with the instructions written down and read aloud (it would be good if the word was highlighted as read) and also with pictures underneath, show exactly what to do.

The game is quite simple, you have to touch the image in the top centre and drag the object to one of the three images – What Goes Together? You do this 10 times and you get a result in percentage at the end.  There are far more ‘matching’ activities then just 10.

If you get a match wrong a 2nd time, it highlights the correct image by making it larger - error less learning which is always a bonus for children.

What I like about this app is the simple instructions, clear ‘real’ pictures, lots of positive encouragement and the fact that the children can use it themselves independently very quickly


Friday, February 3, 2012

TouchChat HD- Lite

TouchChat HD- Lite by Silver Kite is a wonderful app. There is a huge vocabulary with pictures and words but there is no sound on the Lite version. The pictures are stick figures so it maybe difficult for some children to use over other AAC app but with it's large vocabulary and other options it's still worth a try. With this app you can use sentences, phrases and individual words. There is even a qwerty keyboard included so any age of any ability could use this app. A great friend of mine and fellow app reviewer reviewed this app with her son. She found this app to be useful with the wide selections it included. Please remember that with the lite version you do not get sound but for $9.99 it's worth checking out before purchasing the full version to see if the set up of the app would work well with your child. There is over 10,000 Symbolstix symbols included and you can use your own images as well with the camera. There is eight page sets included with this app: VocabPC, MultiChat-15, Primary, Spelling, Wordpower, Wordpower with Phrases, iEssense and Talkabout. Each of these pages brings a new form of communications to best fit your child. This app will give you the basic knowledge of what the full version has to offer before purchasing the app :) Highly highly recommended :)
For now our TouchChat information is located on the Silver Kite website at http://www.silver-kite.com/index.php?request=touchchat, but we are launching a TouchChat specific site in a couple of weeks.

Super Duper Publications Newest Apps

Super Duper Publications Newest Apps:

Using I and Me is a wonderful app by Super Duper. This app has been a wonderful addition in my home especially for my 6yr old who has major problems using I and Me. There is 52 cards in this app or you can select just the ones you want to use. This app can be used with up to 5 players at a time making it perfect for a small speech group. The app will score automatically or manually depending on what you choose. Your child can work on the cards in order or they can be set to random. Each card has a sentence with I or me left out. The choices are below of I or me for your child to choose from. This is a highly highly highly recommended app :)

Was and Were is another wonderful app from Super Duper for learning was and were. There is 52 cards in this app and once again you can select the cards you want your child to work on or just select them all. This app works with was and were words. Your child will be given a sentence with was or were taken out of the sentence. Below the sentence your child will choose the correct word for the sentence whither it be was or were. With this app you can have up to 5 players at a time and it will automatically or manually score each child. Highly highly highly recommended app :)

Regular Past Tense Verbs Fun Deck is another wonderful app by Super Duper for learning past tense verbs. This app includes 52 cards plus audio and once again you can choose what cards you want to use or use them all. You can track up to 5 students at a time and email the results at the end. This app will score automatically or manually depending on your choice. This app will give your child a sentence with the verb missing. Your child then must pick the correct form of the verb to add to the sentence. Here's an example: Jake will___ the grass. Your child will be given the choice of mowed and mow. I highly highly highly recommend this app :)

Opposites Fun Deck is another wonderful app by Super Duper for learning opposites. This app has 56 cards in a deck with audio included. You can track up to 5 students at a time and email the results in the end. You can set this app to manually or automatically move to the next card and it will score automatically or manually as well. You can choose to have the cards to go in order or randomly. I use this app a lot with my older two children to get them to learn opposites. This app is simple to use and fun for your child Highly highly highly recommended :)

Homophones Photo Fun Deck is another wonderful app by Super Duper for learning homophones. This app comes with 56 cards that include audio. This app is wonderful to teach your child that some words mean two different things. Your child will be given a sentence with the homophone taken out of the sentence. Your child then will have to choose between the two words. This app will automatically or manually score and advance to the next screen depending on which you choose. You can track up to 5players at a time and email your results in the end. Some examples of the homophones included are: bye/buy, wail/whale, and hole/whole. This app is highly highly highly recommended :)

Has and Have Fun Deck is another wonderful app by Super Duper for learning has and have. There is 52 cards with audio included. You can once again choose which cards to work on, select the order of the cards, score automatically or manually, and whither to have it advance to the next screen automatically or manually. This app will give your child a sentence with have or has taken out of the sentence. Your child then must pick the best choice for the sentence. An example of a sentence included is: Bob___ glasses. and Bob and Liz ____ glasses. This app is highly highly highly recommended :)

Has & Have:

Tracking URL – http://sdpubs.com/4qgw5


Tracking URL – http://sdpubs.com/rvgsa


Tracking URL – http://sdpubs.com/rrotf

Regular Past Tense Verbs:

Tracking URL – http://sdpubs.com/m1ck1

Was & Were:

Tracking URL – http://sdpubs.com/4petx

Reading TherAppy

Reading TherAppy by Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd. is another wonderful app from Tactus Therapy. This app offers four modes of play with over 450 exercises for each equaling 1,800+ reading comprehension practices. The modes are: Phrase Matching, Sentence Matching, Phrase Completion, and Sentence Completion. This app offers automatic scoring and when an answer is answered wrong it will gray out that answer. There is a child-friendly mode so there is no adult themes if selected. The results can be emailed in a nice report-ready format to anyone that may need to know how the child/adult is progressing. This app does not read to you so if using with a child they may need some help with the app. This app focuses on reading not comprehension. This app is wonderful for children who know the basics of reading and have started read longer words. My children have not started reading longer words but I still use the app for helping with seeing if the sentence makes sense. I read the sentences to my kids and place the various words in my sentence and then have them answer if it is correct or not. This app works very nicely for this and with their answering it will still track it as if they were reading it. The photos are very clear and easily recognized by the reader. This app is a wonderful addition to the Tactus Therapy apps and is highly highly highly recommended :)


Thursday, February 2, 2012

Touch Autism apps

Touch Autism apps have many different apps centered around autism. There apps help you find apps for autism, help with touch training, they have social stories and more. Their apps are wonderful for children with autism but also beneficial to all children with special needs.

Autism Apps: This app helps you find apps for your child with autism but also other special needs apps as well. This app helps you find apps that would be beneficial to your child and their needs. This is a free app for parents that has over 30 categories for you to search through to find the right apps for your child and their needs. Highly highly highly recommended :)

Touch Tutorial- Elderly, Autism and Special Education: This app helps teach touchscreens and how to use them. The tutorial helps with teaching many different movements that you will have to use with a touchscreen such as sliding, taping, and touching. This app is very beneficial to those that have no experience with touchscreens but may need them in their daily lives. This may seem like a waste of money but it defiantly is not if you need to teach the basics to someone that has no knowledge of using a touchscreen format. This app will show them all the different moves you use with your touchscreen with no interruptions of fancy lighting or sounds. There is a lite version if you are concerned if this app would work for you and it provides the first two levels of play. Highly highly recommended :)

Touch Trainer- Autism and Special Education: This app helps children with special needs learn more about touch with your touchscreen. This app is different then Touch Tutorial in that it does have color and sounds included. When you child touches the screen it will play music and show animations when the button is touched. The button will get smaller and smaller as your child goes along. There is a setting included in this app to decide if the app will "react" to any touch or if it will only recognize the distinct taps. This app is a fun and easy way to get your child learning the iPad and is very beneficial for your child if they are having a hard time with cause and effect with the touchscreen. There is 7 levels of play with this app. I highly highly highly recommend this app for first timers with a touchscreen :)

Preference and Reinforcer Assessment- Autism and Special Education: This app if for preference/reinforcement assessment and has a timer, graphs, and more. This app can be very beneficial for anyone trying to track performance. You place choices down and then ask the child to pick on and once they pic one it will time how long it took for them to make their choice and then you are to give a reinforcement such as a "ball". This app will track how many times the child ask for a certain item so you know what works best as a reinforcer. The app includes wonderful instruction on how to use this app and provides visuals for you to learn how to set up and use the app. This app can be very very helpful if you need to know what is working for reinforcements and what is not. Highly highly recommended app :)

Knock Knock Numbers- Joke Telling and Conversations Tool for Autism, Aspergers, Down Syndrome and Special Education: This app is really cute and includes 20 classic knock knock jokes. This app helps improve conversation and builds on social skills. Humor is tough for children on the autism spectrum and they are said to have a "dry humor". I know with my children this is true and this app helps show my children what a joke is and how to use it appropriately. They may not understand it but this app helps teach the skills of learning how to use humor and how it should sound. I highly highly highly recommend this app :)

Ok for the last few I'm going to do something a little different. They are all social stories and all have wonderful benefits to children with special needs. I am not going into great detail and they will all be listed below with a short intro to each one :) All are Highly highly highly recommended based on the needs of your child :)

Calm Counter- Social Story and Anger Management Tool for Autism, Down Syndrome and Special Needs: App includes- social story about anger and an audio/visual for calming down. This app helps teach our children about anger and how to handle it in a good way :)

Conversation Social Stories and Simple PECS Communication Tool- Autism, Down Syndrome and Special Needs: App included- Four social stories about conversations. This app helps show your child how to have a conversation based on where they are and what they are trying to do. Skills included are greetings, asking someone to play, tips on where to stand, and how to end a conversation and more :)

My Day With WH Words- A Social Story and Speech Tool for Autism, Down Syndrome and Other Special Needs: This app helps your child explain their day using WH questions. It introduces the who, what, when, where, and how that comes so hard to some of our children. This app helps explain these questions in a social story format that has worked well in my home. It helps build conversation with our children. :)

Turn Taker- Sharing Tool and Social Story for Autism, Down Syndrome and Special Needs: This app helps teach sharing. The parent will set the timer for turns and then the app will point to who's turn it is until the time runs out and it says "finished". It will then go to the other player for a turn. This app could come in handy if your child has a really hard time with sharing especially with game play. :)

Staying Safe and Safer Strangers- A Stranger Danger Social Story for Autism, Down Syndrome and Other Special Needs: This app includes two community social stories. One story is about safe strangers and buildings and the other story teaches what to do if your lost. Both of these concepts are very important for our children to learn. Any child needs to know what to do in either situation but children with special needs sometimes have even more trouble knowing what to do if they are lost, meet a stranger, and more. This app helps teach who is safe and who is not. :)

Compliments- A Social Story and Speech Tool on How to Give a Compliment for Autism, Aspergers, Down Syndrome and Other Special Needs: This app teaches how to give and receive a compliment. This helps your child be less fearful or unresponsive when given a compliment and teaches them to also give compliments to others. This may be difficult to some children with special needs as they may not know how to react when given a compliment and others may not know when or how to give a compliment to others and this app helps teach them that :)

Going Shopping Social Story- A Story About Good Store Behavior For Children with Autism, Down Syndrome and Special Needs: This app helps teach your child the right way to act in the store. This app is very helpful on teaching correct behavior for the store and how to react if they don't get something at the store that day. This app comes with instructions for using the app for the parent as well :)

Divorce Social Story- A Social Story for Children about Divorce- Autism, Down Syndrome and Special Needs: This app helps explain divorce to your child and what happens during a divorce in simple and easy terms. This app can help explain that it is completely normal for mommies and daddies to not live together in the same home. This app also helps show your child that they are still loved even if mommy and daddy aren't together in the same home :)













Wednesday, February 1, 2012


LetterSchool by Boreaal is an awesome app for learning how to write your letters. I absolutely love this app!!! This is defiantly the most amazing writing app of individual letters I've seen yet. This app is perfect for special needs children with all the bright colors and repetitive motions that really help to get it to stick. My four year old is just starting to trace letters and he loves this app. My six year old is still working on writing correctly and this app really helps get his letter format down. My eight year old is learning to write her letters correctly in different formats with this app. The app has four levels for each letter. Level 1 is intro- introducing the letter's shape, name, and sound, Level 2 is Tap- learn by tapping the dots to make the letter, Level 3 is trace- Tracing the letter, and Level 4 is Write- where your child writes the letter from memory. Each letter and level brings a new and exciting item such as a train track, chalk board, and more. This app not only helps with letters and letter sound recognition but sensory needs too with all the sounds and sites. This app also includes numbers and how to write them up to number 10. This app helps a lot with fine motor skills as it will not allow your child to go out of the letter lines. The app offers three letter styles: The D'Nealian Style, Handwriting without Tears, and Zaner-Bloser Style. My children learned the HWT in preschool but not that the older two are in Kindergarten and First Grade they use the D'Nealian Style and it has been a challenge with them. This app has helped with learning the little extra curve at the end and how to form the rest of the letter while adding the curve. I highly highly highly recommend this app for handwriting skills :) Please check out the free version and see if this app is for you :)

Website: http://letterschool.com/

iTunes, LetterSchool: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/letterschool/id435476174?mt=8

iTunes, LetterSchool Lite: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/letterschool-lite/id481067676?mt=8

YouTube movie: http://youtu.be/4sDZqBMqG-4

Media Kit: http://letterschool.com/download/letterschool_mediakit.zip

Twitter: @letterschool

Two levels: twice the fun, twice the practice

Learning handwriting takes a lot of practice, and polishing up your skills after a while reinforces what you’ve learned. So we’ve built in two levels: silver and gold. Once you reach gold, you’ll get to play a whole new set of games and meet your greatest challenge: free-form writing.

Social Navigator

Social Navigator by Seven Minds is a wonderful social skills app. This app can help develop social skills and help with behavioral challenges. This app can be used to help with behavior management and be a teaching tool to your child when they run into bad behaviors. This app helps with social situations at home, school, and within the community and teaches social judgment and social interaction. This app has over 50 specific social skills and helps improve on social skills situations instead of having to use discipline. The app will also help with documenting and tracking behaviors to be used latter for IEP's, BIP's, and FBA's. This app can be helpful for special needs children or typically children. I found this app to be wonderful for my older two children and it is helping them learn to cope with their emotions that come out in social situations. This app can travel with your child on your iPod/iPhone for them to be able to find the situation they are in and how to handle it correctly. I find this app to be like a social story on the go where you pick the outcome. When your child completes the task at hand such as going to grandma's house, your child will then have to check off the skills they used and fill out a sliding scale of if the skills they used worked or didn't work. After your child finishs this it's the parents turn to fill out what's needed and then the results get recorded. The app will give your child suggestions along the way of how they should handle each situation. This app does not read to your child so if they can not read you will have to read for them. Once they are able to read this app becomes very easy for your child to use themselves and start becoming even more independent with their social skills. I highly highly highly recommend this app :)


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itunes link: