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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Portegno Apps

Portegno Apps: iWash my Cats, iWash my Horses, Flashcards Puzzles- Occupations, Fun Math with Scotty,Cartoonizeme and  My Toys are all wonderful apps brought to you from Portegno Apps :)

iWash my Cats and iWash my Horses are all part of the iWash series. With each of these apps they help teach taking care of animals, fine motor skills, and a whole lot of fun. The animals are dirty and your child must clean them up. Your child will have to soap, rinse, dry, and brush each of the animals shown. This app is perfect for young children to learn different skills for taking care of animals all while having a lot of fun. The animals are cute and friendly :) I highly highly highly recommend these apps :)

Flashcards Puzzles- Occupations is a fun app to teach occupations. This app will teach your child different occupation names and their spelling. This app is set up really cute with friendly looking characters but in mixed up order. Your child then must match up the correct way the different people go. This app is simple enough for a toddler but still fun for school aged children. There is other apps in this series such as ABC and numbers, dinosaurs, and birds so that you can pick which would best work for your child. These apps are fun and colorful for a very low price :) Highly highly recommend apps :)

My Toys is a fun app with all sorts of toys. Your child will customize each of the toys to make them their won. This app is very fun to play around with and gives so many options so the app will never be the same with each toy. Your child can even save the toys they create to your pictures so they can check out their work anytime they want. This app is for any age as it is so easy to use but still fun to play with even as the parent. I highly highly highly recommend this app :)

Fun Math with Scotty is a wonderful app for teaching math facts. This app helps teach counting, order recognition, adding, and subtracting in a fun and encouraging way. This app has bright colors and a fun little friend to help your child along the way named Scotty. This app is fun to use and my daughter really loves working with this app. My boys are even starting to learn some math facts with this app as it is so much fun to use. I highly highly highly recommend this app :)

Cartoonizeme is a fun little app for playing with photos. You can add so many things to your pictures to make them funny and cartoonish. This app allows you to add anything from mustaches to fun headbands. Once you've taken a picture or added one from your camera roll you then can customize it in a fun way and add it to your camera roll. You are even able to email these fun pics to your family and friends at anytime. With your photo you can also crop, rotate, scale, change colors and add balloon text. This is a fun app to play around with and the kids just love it. Highly highly highly recommended :)

iTunes links: check out their web page for expansive list of all their apps :)

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