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Friday, February 3, 2012

TouchChat HD- Lite

TouchChat HD- Lite by Silver Kite is a wonderful app. There is a huge vocabulary with pictures and words but there is no sound on the Lite version. The pictures are stick figures so it maybe difficult for some children to use over other AAC app but with it's large vocabulary and other options it's still worth a try. With this app you can use sentences, phrases and individual words. There is even a qwerty keyboard included so any age of any ability could use this app. A great friend of mine and fellow app reviewer reviewed this app with her son. She found this app to be useful with the wide selections it included. Please remember that with the lite version you do not get sound but for $9.99 it's worth checking out before purchasing the full version to see if the set up of the app would work well with your child. There is over 10,000 Symbolstix symbols included and you can use your own images as well with the camera. There is eight page sets included with this app: VocabPC, MultiChat-15, Primary, Spelling, Wordpower, Wordpower with Phrases, iEssense and Talkabout. Each of these pages brings a new form of communications to best fit your child. This app will give you the basic knowledge of what the full version has to offer before purchasing the app :) Highly highly recommended :)
For now our TouchChat information is located on the Silver Kite website at http://www.silver-kite.com/index.php?request=touchchat, but we are launching a TouchChat specific site in a couple of weeks.

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