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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Playtales previously known as TouchyBooks

Playtales previously known as TouchyBooks are wonderful stories with new options included now with the stories. I've been given the chance to review some of these new and exciting options with their stories and have been very impressed with what I have viewed. There is new mini games included with some of the stories that make these stories more interactive then before and turn these books into an amazing adventure for our children. I believe by adding these mini games has changed these stories into a wonderful buy for parents since they offer low pricing on their books and wonderful classic stories as well as original stories.

Beauty and the Beast: This a wonderful classic story brought to you from Playtales. This story now offers mini games that make this even better then before. This story is about a beautiful princess named Belle and the ugly Beast. The Beast traps the princess away in his castle after her father get captured by the beast while trying to get a rose for Belle. The story goes on to tell how Belle and the Beast eventually fall in love. This story offers three mini games with the story: coloring, finding, and puzzles. There is three options for reading the story as well: auto play, read to me, and read by myself.

Emma and the Monster: This is a original story from Playtales. This story is about a little girl names Emma who was getting bullied by a child at school. She no longer wanted to go to school until she meets a very friendly monster. The monster goes to school with Emma and helps Emma with the bully. This story is interactive with many touch points through the story and also has mini games included. The mini games included are: coloring, find differences and puzzles.

The Witch's Apprentice: This story is about a little girl who wants to become a witch. This story is a very cute and interactive story perfect for Halloween time. This story is interactive and also includes mini games now. The mini games are: coloring, match pairs, and puzzles.

Puss and Boots: This story is a familiar tale about Puss and Boots and a little boy. Puss and Boots promises the little boy he will turn him into the Marquis of Carabas. This story is interactive and also now includes mini games. The mini games are: find the differences, match pairs, and puzzles.

Little Mermaid: This is another familiar tale about the little mermaid who is very interested in the world above the ocean. She meets a ships young captain after a terrible storm when she had to rescue him from drowning. The story goes to tell how the mermaid and the caption fall in love. This story includes mini games and is also interactive. The mini games included are: coloring, find differences and match pairs.

Crazy Farm: This story about a farm and an it's animals. This story is interactive throughout and includes many things to touch and play with such as matching the animals and birds that tweet different notes as you press them. This story also now includes mini games. The mini games are: coloring, match pairs, and puzzles.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: This a familiar tale about Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. Snow White gets poisoned by the evil Queen. The story goes on to tell how Snow White is rescued by a handsome prince. This story now includes mini game. The games are find differences, finding, and match pairs.

A Day in the Life of a Fashion Girl: This is a brand new story from Playtales. This story is about Rachel who is very lazy. You must help Rachel along the way do her daily life. This story is completely interactive and has mini games throughout. There is soo much to do throughout the whole story. You get to do Rachel's hair, help her cook, a maze, and sooo much more. This book also includes mini games at the end of the story. The mini games are coloring, match pairs, and puzzles.

The True Story of the Beautiful Duckling: This story puts a new twist on the tale of the ugly duckling by changing it around to the beautiful duckling. At one point during the story you even get to choose what path the duckling will take so you can choose your own ending. This story is very cute and brand new to Playtales. This story does not include mini games but is perfect for the younger child. This story helps build self esteem and shows how sometimes being the most beautiful isn't always the best :)

This ends my reviews of PlayTales. You can check out more info about the new changes from TouchyBooks to PlayTales by checking out this link: http://youtu.be/B9ire7uRXLA

Here's my newest addition as well to my reviews. I am going to start listing Pro's and Con's. For this review it will be on PlayTales itself not the stories.

Pro's: Wonderful familiar and original stories, mini games, interactive stories that hold child's interest, shorter stories, great bedtime stories as well as anytime stories, and great prices

Con's: Too easy for child to delete stories from your "My Books", long loading time if you have many stories, and can't choose which to load when you first turn on "My Books"

All stories are highly highly recommended :)


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