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Friday, February 3, 2012

Reading TherAppy

Reading TherAppy by Tactus Therapy Solutions Ltd. is another wonderful app from Tactus Therapy. This app offers four modes of play with over 450 exercises for each equaling 1,800+ reading comprehension practices. The modes are: Phrase Matching, Sentence Matching, Phrase Completion, and Sentence Completion. This app offers automatic scoring and when an answer is answered wrong it will gray out that answer. There is a child-friendly mode so there is no adult themes if selected. The results can be emailed in a nice report-ready format to anyone that may need to know how the child/adult is progressing. This app does not read to you so if using with a child they may need some help with the app. This app focuses on reading not comprehension. This app is wonderful for children who know the basics of reading and have started read longer words. My children have not started reading longer words but I still use the app for helping with seeing if the sentence makes sense. I read the sentences to my kids and place the various words in my sentence and then have them answer if it is correct or not. This app works very nicely for this and with their answering it will still track it as if they were reading it. The photos are very clear and easily recognized by the reader. This app is a wonderful addition to the Tactus Therapy apps and is highly highly highly recommended :)


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