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Thursday, February 9, 2012

What Goes Together?

What Goes Together? by Different Roads to Learning, Inc. is a wonderful app for teaching expressive and receptive language skills. This app is very helpful to the special needs community as it is made simple and clean cut with no fancy distractions. I love that this app is based on just language skills for just work time with your child/children. The images are real and has really clear speech with wonderful positive reinforcements with every question asked. When your child gets answer wrong the object will go back up to the top of the screen and will say "oops try again". This app is perfect for children of any age having trouble figuring out what objects go with what. highly highly highly recommended app :)

additional review:
What Goes Together?

By Different Roads to Learning, Inc.

     Category: Education

     Updated: Jan 06, 2012

     Version: 2.0

     Website: http://www.difflearn.com/

     Number of Apps: 5

     Cost: $1.99


     Developers description:

This interactive game develops language, discrimination, and reasoning skills in young learners. Clear, colorful images of everyday objects promote an understanding of functions and the relationships between items that children encounter on a daily basis. With built-in reinforcement and error correction, this game provides a solid foundation in building critical expressive and receptive language skills.


It starts off with the instructions written down and read aloud (it would be good if the word was highlighted as read) and also with pictures underneath, show exactly what to do.

The game is quite simple, you have to touch the image in the top centre and drag the object to one of the three images – What Goes Together? You do this 10 times and you get a result in percentage at the end.  There are far more ‘matching’ activities then just 10.

If you get a match wrong a 2nd time, it highlights the correct image by making it larger - error less learning which is always a bonus for children.

What I like about this app is the simple instructions, clear ‘real’ pictures, lots of positive encouragement and the fact that the children can use it themselves independently very quickly


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