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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

See Me Go Potty English

See Me Go Potty English by AvaKid Productions is a great way to teach children about going potty. You get to create an avatar with this app to resemble your child. There is many options available to make the avatar resemble your child. There is an accident scene included in this app to show your child what it means to have an accident. There is potty training tips included with this app for the parents and a very cute and simple story showing your child how to go potty. This is a wonderful visual learning tool for children that are having a hard time with potty training. I did find some glitches with the avatar (my character was multicolored and half girl half boy) but I'm sure the app will be updated to fix this minor glitch. This app helps special needs children learn about the potty and the correct steps to doing so in a simple easy format without all the fancy bells and whistles that make some potty training apps that are distracting  to some children. I really like the tips that it includes for parents. I highly highly recommend this app but would add another highly if the avatar glitch was fixed :)

Website: www.avakid.com
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/AvaKid
Twitter link: http://twitter.com/avakidapps
iTunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/see-me-go-potty-english/id450495594?mt=8


TalkBoard by Mark Ashley is a great communication and visual prompt aid. You can use the photos from your own personal library to create boards. The boards are simple to make with just a click on your pictures of choice and then add sound, text, and timer. You can add a lock so your child can not change anything you don't want changed while they are using the app. This app comes with wonderful tutorial videos to show you how to use the app. You have many choices of the size of boards you want from 2x2 all the way to a 10x10 size board. You can add cell boards in many different colors. When your done making the board you can use the board from within the app or you can even use the print option to print off boards as needed. Branching is also offered with this app where it allows the user to switch between boards by tapping and scanning boards cells. I loved the easy to use features of this app but I do wish there was an easy way of having pictures included for iPad 1 users since they do not have a camera option. There is a free PicCutter tool for PC and Mac for more images but I could not get the PC version to download on my computer so I could not check this option out. This app is a highly highly recommended app :)


Tapikeo HD- Create with your Kids their Picture Book, Storyboard, Soundboard and Audio Flashcards!

Tapikeo HD- Create with your Kids their Picture Book, Storyboard, Soundboard and Audio Flashcards! by Jean-Eudes Lepelletier is a wonderful app for creating unlimited amount of grids. This app helps you create all sorts of things such as storyboards, flashcards, picture books, and more. This app makes making all these things very easy. You use your camera roll to create new images to add to your cards and then you can add audio and captions as needed. The app comes with 4 pre-loaded grids to show you different possibilities of this app. You can save your grids and share them by email and you can also go to their website to find more ready-to-use grids for many more options. This app works best if you have and iPad2 but you could still use it with an iPad1 from the free ready to use grids. You can use this app to make photo albums, talking flashcards, scrap booking, and any other way your imagination takes you. I primarily used this app to make flashcards, a short story, and a choice board. This app worked perfect for all the uses I tried it with and I found it really easy to use. The app comes with a safe mode to prevent little fingers from making changes. You can choose your display modes from three choices and you have 2 sounds modes available. You can add up to 48 pictures/sounds/captions to each grid. This app has endless possibilities for all children. I could see this app being used in and out of the classroom setting easily. Highly highly highly recommended app :)

iTunes link for Tapikeo HD (iPad): http://bit.ly/tapikeoHD

iTunes link for Tapikeo (iPhone): http://bit.ly/tapikeo_app

Video: http://bit.ly/TapikeoDemo

Ten Giggly Gorillas

Ten Giggly Gorillas by Wasabi Productions is a very fun and cute book app. This app is fully interactive and colorful. My children loved playing with each of the monkeys on the pages. They loved tickling each of the monkeys to make them drop down and say funny phrases. On each of the page you will have to find the monkey being described and help them by tickling them to make them drop. The monkey you are looking for will light up to help your child see which one they are describing. You also can find the toucan on each of the pages. The toucan can be difficult to find on some of the pages and I would love to see it be a little more visible but it is defiantly a fun little extra on each page. There is over 100 interactive sounds with this book. On each of the pages you can find the toucan, tickle the monkey that needs to drop, and touch all the other monkeys to hear fun phrases. At the end of the book you can even play a fun matching game with the monkeys from the story. This is a very cute and fun book app that I highly highly highly recommend :)


Monday, January 30, 2012

Talking Cards

Talking Cards by Timagine HD is a wonderful AAC app for children with motor skill disorders. This app is easy to use and offers 500 illustrations with sound. The sound is done by professional actors and actresses so it is very easy to understand everything being said. It's very easy to create your own albums, pictures, texts, and sounds with this app. If you have an iPad2 you are able to directly add them to this app. This app is available in Swedish and American English. With the newest version of this app they added secure mode to protect your settings from little hands. I loved the idea behind the "pockets" of different titles for easy access to each item such as snacks, toys, colors, etc.. This makes this app very easy for children to find exactly what they are looking for quickly and easily. This app does not build sentences but is a wonderful app for just pictures for children starting out using an AAC app. This app is specially designed for children with motor difficulties and is very easy to press exactly what the child is looking for. The pictures are large and clear so any child can use this app. I love the option of image size so and layout so if you want where it will only show two choices you may do so. You can also have 6 choices and 12 choices so as your child grows they can use the smaller pictures with more choices if able to do so. If you choose two images on a page but you have more pictures in there you will be able to just slide with your finger right or left to see the rest of the images. You can also use this app like a  choice board if you would like by having images in a folder that offer choices of different items for your child. I used this app as a choice board for my family and it seems to work very well. I made folders to offer only certain choices and then let my children pick out of the choices offered. I would highly highly highly recommend this app for children with motor difficulties and need a simple AAC app. I also highly highly recommend this app as use of a choice board :)


Doonan Speech Therapy (Speech with Milo apps)

Doonan Speech Therapy (Speech with Milo apps) are wonderful apps to help with speech therapy. Milo is a very friendly mouse that helps children learn speech skills in a friendly way. The prices of these apps are very reasonable which makes these apps accessible to many. These apps are a wonderful addition for homes, schools, and therapist to help those who need help with speech skills.

Speech with Milo: Verbs helps show children words that are verbs and how to use them. Milo preforms on stage over 100 actions. I really like how this app has instructions for both parents and therapist on how to better use this app. You can choose from a list of actions that Milo will preform on stage for your child or you can choose them all. With the use of Milo showing your child the actions your child will learn action words faster then with the use of flashcards because they will stay interested longer. Milo's breaks during the app are fun and very cute. I highly highly recommend this app :)

Speech with Milo: Prepositions is similar to the Verbs one except instead of verbs it's prepositions. With this app you will travel through all sorts of scenes learning prepositions with Milo. I find that with Milo your child will learn what prepositions are and how to use them a lot faster then with flashcards. Although these apps are meant for smaller children I find that both the verb and prepositions apps would make wonderful apps for when your child is older and learning about these in school. Highly highly recommended :)

Speech with Milo: Sequencing is one of my favorite Milo apps. Sequencing can be a hard thing to teach children with special needs and the use of Milo makes it fun for them to learn. Your child will learn sequencing, storytelling, time concepts, developing complex sentences, length of utterances, and improve grammar skills. When working with this app your child will need to help put the story back together in order. Each story has three cards to place in order. There is 35 sequencing exercises with animation included. My children use this app often and love it. I would like to see more then three story cards either added to this app or in a new one for older children to have more of a challenge but otherwise this app is great :) Highly highly highly recommended :)

Speech with Milo: Interactive Storybook is a very fun and lively story. My children have listened to this story many many of times. You have choices of how you want the book to work such as interactive features on/off, text on/off, narration on/off, and background sounds on/off. You are also able to bookmark your page if you must stop the book so you don't have to start all over again. My daughter is just starting to read and this book works very well as a starter book for reading. I like the option of recording your own voice for each page as she can work on reading and have it recorded to hear herself back. You can use this app many was for speech therapy such as predicting skills, wh questions, and any other ways you can think of. I highly highly highly recommend this app :)


Sunday, January 29, 2012

Verbally Premium

Verbally Premium by Intuary is an AAC app for older children and adults that are able to read since this app does not use pictures. This app is wonderful with a lot of words included and the ability to write your own words as well. This app defiantly brings speech to anyone that is unable to speak for themselves. This app includes three very high quality voices (male, female, and child). You can also customize your voice speed and pitch to make it sound more like your own. I really like the fact that you can add your own favorite phrases so they are ready to go at anytime. The app it self includes a volume slider so you don't have to hunt down the volume on the side of your iPad. Your conversation history is saved so you can repeat your conversation if necessary, edit, delete, or add it to your favorites when you want to. This app even has the ability connect through email and it has a wonderful word prediction included so you can say what you want even faster. You do not need a Wi-Fi or 3G to use this app so it can travel with you everywhere you need it. The steady hands feature is really neat in the fact that if you have unsteady hands it will only register when you lift your finger off a letter to help with accidentally letter typing. This is one of the best AAC apps that I've seen yet that does not have pictures. It has so many options to get out what you want to say as fast as need to. Highly highly highly recommended app :)

Website: http://verballyapp.com/
Facebook page:
Twitter link:
itunes link:
Free version: http://itunes.com/apps/intuary/verbally
Premium version for $99.99: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/verbally/id470081134?mt=8

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Weily Apps

Weily Apps are wonderful apps for teaching many different basic learning skills. They offer math and matching apps that children love. My kids love working with these apps and I found them to be wonderful for teaching math skills.

Visual Math Level 1 is a wonderful app for teaching math skills for children ages 4-6. This app uses images of everyday objects while teaching patterns, shapes, numbers, reading clocks, and basic measurement concepts. There is 120 questions per game in unlimited variations. The pictures included are wonderful and realistic. I do wish they read the directions out loud so the child could play the app independently. I also would love to see where it would make a yes or no sound when your child gets an answer right and that it would move automatically to the next question instead of having to press OK each time. This app has great potential in being a wonderful app with these few minor changes. Recommended app with possibility of being higher with the few changes :)

Visual Math 2 is a great app for 6-9 year olds. If your child is a visual learner then this app is great for that. This app has wonderful pictures to teach your child patterns, sequencing, shapes, numbers, reading clocks, money, and spatial measurement and location. This app builds on Visual Math Level 1 and makes it perfect for the child that has mastered level 1 or is just starting out with Weily Apps. This app also includes 120 questions with many variations. The same issues with level 1 can be found in level 2. I would once again love to see the words read to the child and a clear answer of correct or incorrect. I would also like to see this app progress to the next question without having to hit OK each time. These few changes would make this one of my favorite math apps as the questions it provides are right on target and the pictures are great. I would love for my daughter to be able to work with this app independently as she does better working by herself then directly with someone but she can't read so she needs assistance with it. Once again I recommend this app but it has high possibilities of being the top highly with a few minor changes :)

What's Next?- Pattern Game is a great app for teaching patterns for all ages. The pictures are once again wonderful in this app and I love the sounds for each of the pictures. I would love to see once again that you didn't have to hit OK each time as this especially is confusing for toddler/preschoolers to understand. There is no reading of directions since this app doesn't need it with it being patterns only. If you get answer wrong it doesn't make a noise or inform your child they got the answer wrong clearly. I would love to see where it either brought it back to it's home if wrong or at least made a noise for wrong answers. I love that this app brings a sensory experience in with color changes in the background. The patterns are easy to hard with no way of changing settings which is slightly disappointing but not a deal breaker with this app. My kids all use this app for patterns and they seem to enjoy using it. I would highly recommend this app with possibilities once again of being higher :)

PhotoMatch Kids HD is a cute matching app. There is three levels included of 8, 12, or 16 cards. You can add your personal pictures which makes this app really cool. I really like that this can be a two player game or you can play solo. I'm trying to teach my children right now to play together and this is a great addition to 2player games for my iPad. This app also will record top scores which is neat for children that thrive on competition in a good way. You can choose your card style on the back of the cards with many different options. This app is fun for all ages and being able to add your own pics separate this app from all other matching games I've seen as of yet. For this being a matching game I highly highly highly recommend this app :)

Visual Math Level 1 -iPad

-Visual Math Level 1 is a great app for teaching kids about math concepts using everyday objects. The ability to track the performance of multiple players is a great addition to let parents know in which area their kids are not so good at and give them more guidance on that topic.

PhotoMatch Kids HD - iPad

-PhotoMatch Kids is the classic matching game personalized with your own photos.

 What's Next?? - Pattern Game (iPhone)
- Pattern Game is a useful app for Pattern Recognition using everyday objects. The additional sound effects are a nice touch to not only help in pattern recognition but also to make it more fun!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Speech Sounds on Cue for iPad (US English)

Speech Sounds on Cue for iPad (US English) by Mulitmedia Speech Pathology is an awesome speech app. I'm very impressed with this app and it's wonderful teaching ability. This app has over 500 videos, sound clips, and photos. I really like that it has the ability to record and playback the words for your child. This app is not only for speech sounds it also teaches rhyming. When you turn on the app you come to a screen for speech sounds. You have the choice of these sounds: W, M, N, L, R, P, B, T, D, K/C, G, F, V, S, Z, Sh, Th, Ch, J, and H. You have three choices at the bottom of the screen for basic (where you choose only one sound), random (you choose more then one sound), and rhyming. When you choose a letter it will make the sound with lips repeatedly for your child and tell them how to do it. Next they will use that sound in a sentence, then use the word silently with only lips, and then have you say the word. I really like that your child doesn't even need to push record to say the word with this app. When you see the microphone come up your child can just say the word without a press of a button. You do have the option after to record again or playback also before going onto the next sentence. You can also choose what words with the sound you want your child to work on or you can just select all of them. The rhyming portion of this app will show your child 4 rhyming pictures at a time and as they press the pictures it will say the word. I really love this app and find it perfect for teaching articulation. This is a definite must have for speech therapy in and out of the home :) Highly Highly Highly recommended :)


Thursday, January 26, 2012

AAC- Scroll and Speak

AAC- Scroll and Speak by Speech Concepts, LLC is a wonderful AAC app. This app not only offers a wonderful price but is also so easy to use. This app offers a lot of pictures already loaded into the app and the pictures are realistic. You can line the pictures up to make sentences easily. The voice is very clear and easily understood. You have options to add your own sound and pictures. You can choose the colored folders you wish and you can add additional users if needed. This app will also save favorite phrases that are used commonly in your house by the user. You can build sentences easily or you can just do pictures depending on your child's needs. You have the option between male or a female voice. All options are on one screen in a scrolling format so your child can find them easily. A wonderful friend of mine uses this with her 9yr old nonverbal son and he just loves this app. She helped me with this review and I reviewed it as a parent of three verbal children who use the app for speech. My children love using this app for speech. The scrolling options makes it so easy for even my four year old to use. With this app you even have the option of typing a sentence and having the app speak for your child so this app can grow with them all through life. When you go into the user option it will have a picture of your child that they will press for the app to speak for them. This app is amazing and although not fancy is a wonderful starter aac app or one that could be used as a permanent aac app for your child. Highly highly highly recommended :)

additional review:

Scroll n speak
This is an amazing app..multiple users can use this..its very easy for a non verbal child to communicate there wants and needs.. there is category that you can update and save your favorite phrases...the pictures are so realistic ..there is also a typing key pad you can type the words and the device says it there is 3 voices to choose from..this is a very easy app for any person to use I give this app two thumbs up..

Twitter: http://twitter.com/SpeechConcepts

Website for apps: www.speechappsstore.com

Company website: www.speech-concepts.com

email: www.speech.concepts@yahoo.com

Link for AAC Scroll & Speak: itunes.apple.com/us/app/aac-scroll-and-speak/id481561583?mt=8

Link for Time This!: itunes.apple.com/us/app/time-this!/id472752315?mt=8

Time This!

Time This! by Speech Concepts, LLC is a great app for transitioning. This app is fully customizable to fit your child's needs. You can create and change schedules easily and use three different types of timers. The three different timers are clock, hourglass, or a digital timer. I also liked the different timer sounds when time is up so you can choose what works best for your child. You are able to add your own voice to the app to tell what the pictures are. This app is wonderful for children with all kinds of special needs and works wonderfully at home or school. I did find this app a little difficult to maneuver at first. It takes some practice to start using it and would love for directions to be added in the future directly in the app itself. Once figured out it is fairly easy to use. It does come with some preloaded pictures for you with options to add your own too. I would love for iPad 1 users to have more options such as a Internet search engine to add more pics since they don't come with a camera. My children love the pictures of exactly what they are supposed to do and how long. I use it with them for activities after school since that seems to be the roughest time around here for routines, eventually I will move on to full days especially weekends. It has the option to add other children but I have found it easier to use the large timer that is included and just use that since you can't have more then one timer going at a time. I highly highly recommend this app for iPad 2 users who need help with transitions :)

Twitter: http://twitter.com/SpeechConcepts

Website for apps: www.speechappsstore.com

Company website: www.speech-concepts.com

email: www.speech.concepts@yahoo.com

Link for AAC Scroll & Speak: itunes.apple.com/us/app/aac-scroll-and-speak/id481561583?mt=8

Link for Time This!: itunes.apple.com/us/app/time-this!/id472752315?mt=8

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Mental Note for iPad- the digital notepad

Mental Note for iPad- the digital notepad by Zymbiotic Technologies is an awesome app for not taking. This app is better then your usual note taking either on paper or even on your iPad as it has the ability to add pictures, voice recordings, drawings, and text all on the same page. Even if you do not have a stylus ready and available but you need to write something down right now you can just use your finger right on the page. I love the fact of being able to add voice as it turns this app into a voice recorder in addition to a note taker. I could see this app being wonderful for teachers, therapist, and of course parents but best of all students that need to record numerous notes while studying for test. This app can be used a lot in the special ed. classroom as you are working with students. You can record all while writing so you can go back and review latter.  I really liked that you can email when done so if your a therapist you can send your findings over to the parent afterword. You can even password protect your notes, attach a calender, organize your notes, and email your notes using a PDF format. The uses of this app are unlimited for your needs of note taking and the length of the note is only limited by the memory of your device. There is an in-app that is available for paper customization which is explained below from their website. Highly highly highly recommend :)

Version 2.6 includes an optional feature that allows notes to be created on any type of paper: any background, any colour, any texture. Create notes on paper with your letterhead, or on paper that has your logo as a watermark, or on paper that's actually a simple form.

In order to use this feature the feature must first be enabled in the Mental Note Paper settings: tap settings (the gear icon) from the list of notes screen, then Paper, and Customize.

Once the feature has been enabled, customizing the paper from settings will affect all notes (e.g. do this if you want a letterhead on all notes). Enabling the feature also adds a new toolbar button to the Note toolbar: Change Paper. Change Paper allows customizing the paper for each note (e.g. removing a letterhead for a specific note).

Paper customization involves selecting an image from your Photo Library and adjusting some basic settings. Any image may be used. (For advanced image creation settings, see here.)

To create all notes on the same type of paper (e.g. a letterhead on all notes):

- Tap the Settings toolbar button
- Tap Paper
- Tap Custom

To change the type of paper for a specific note:

- Open the note
- Tap the Note toolbar button
- Tap the Change Paper toolbar button

Letterheads, watermarks, paper colours/textures, and forms are just a few examples of how this feature can be used. We look forward to hearing ideas from you - please share with us how you use this feature. Want to share a custom paper type that you've created with all Mental Note users?

Monday, January 23, 2012

Typ-O HD- writing is for everybody

Typ-O HD- writing is for everybody by SecondGuess ApS is a very good app for word prediction to help with spelling errors. This app is very helpful if you are dyslexic or just really trouble with spelling. The integrated synthetic voices included in this app will allow you to check your words before selecting them. This app also will check your text before email or pasting it to other applications. The iPad version includes spell checking, file management and a choice between 4 voices. I really like the option to hear the text before you choose the words and sentences. Everyone that knows me knows I'm not a very good speller and while not officially diagnosed may have a mild form of dyslexia myself. I've been very well known to mix up letters and don't always notice it before hand. This app allows me to hear what I wrote before hand. The new version now includes air print and a less aggressive profanity filter. If you have problems with spelling or have dyslexia I highly highly recommend this app :)

***additional review****

Typ-o is a nifty app. It allows you to type a sentence by typing only a few letters of each word or just choosing a word from the prediction list. It works best for those who know what they want to say but either aren't verbal or are poor at spelling. It would be very useful for a dyslexic person. Once messages are input they may be emailed or sent to the clipboard for pasting into other apps.

Users have the ability to have a word spoken before adding it to the sentence to make sure it is the intended word. The spelling prediction is very good but the grammar engine less so. Also the app does not seem to learn as you use it. I found no ability to save proper names or other odd words. The app is a hefty 915 mb which seems extreme for having no images or animation.

One fun feature is that if shit is typed in, the program will automatically display it as s***. The same was not true for other bad words though. The app is a welcome addition in its price range as it offers more functionality than the free Verbally but is still affordable compared to
the more robust

Facebook page:


iTunes links:
Typ-O HD for the iPad: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/typ-o-hd-writing-is-for-everybody/id372971659?mt=8

Typ-O for the iPhone and iPod Touch: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/typ-o/id370829089?mt=8

Typ-O: Writing is for everybody for Mac: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/typ-o/id412194836?mt=12&ls=1
Promo code: AALEHE7LWFXH

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Bugsy Kindergarten Reading- Teaches Phonics Alphabet Letters and Spelling

Bugsy Kindergarten Reading- Teaches Phonics Alphabet Letters and Spelling by Peapod Labs LLC is a wonderful Kindergarten app. I loved Bugsy PreK and this one is even better. This app includes alphabet, phonics, spelling, reading, and vocabulary. There is 370+ words in the vocabulary section alone. You can adjust the skill levels based on your child's needs and this app will also track your child's progress as they go along. There is wonderful rewards, stickers, characters, and a really cool astronaut land to help keep your child wanting more. This app is helping my kindergartner learn so much and has helped him in school tremendously. Peapod Labs offers so many different apps that are wonderful for the very young to elementary school learning. When you first enter Bugsy Kindergarten you are greeted by Bugsy the very cute and friendly hamster. He encourages your child to start learning and keep learning through the whole app. I love that the settings are difficult for children to get into. You must reverse pinch to get into them to pick your user and adjust skill levels. You can see your child's progress also when you go into these settings. This app is great for Kindergartners and I highly highly highly recommend it :)


Saturday, January 21, 2012

Splash Math by StudyPad, Inc.

All the splash math apps are wonderful for teaching children math skills. They now go all the way to 4th grade math skills. My children love the splash math apps especially my daughter. My daughter is technically the only one that should be able to use the splash math apps but my 6yr old even plays around with the First grade one. There is free versions to give a try if you want to see if they will work for your child also. I would love to see a Kindergarten workbook sometime in the future along with continuing up the grades as all these apps help with teaching math skills to our children :)

Splash Math- 1st grade workbook, Splash Math- 2nd grade workbook, and Splash Math- 3rd grade workbook are all wonderful apps from StudyPad, Inc.. These apps are colorful and really make math fun for the learner. Each of these apps include over 200 math concepts for the grade levels and track your child's progress as they learn. The whole app is interactive which I really thinks helps your child stay interested in the app. There is a fun little aquarium adventure in between learning with these apps. Each of these apps cover topics for each grade level that your child will be learning throughout the grade level year. There is many options for parents with these apps that allow you to turn on and off different chapters if your child is not working on that skill or have mastered a skill. You can also set the level of difficulty which is nice if you want to challenge your child who has mastered a grade level or if they are just starting out you can set them on easy. I highly highly highly recommend these splash math apps :)

4th Grade Math: Splash Math Worksheets App: I separated this app because it is completely new and fresh from StudyPad, Inc. This app has over 140 worksheets with 10 chapters included. This app covers every math skill your child should learn durning the 4th grade year. The app is once again highly interactive and allows your child to learn at their own pace. You can assign homework with this app!!! I really like this option as this really helps a home schooled child or a child that is using this as a little extra help at home but tries to just play around with "easy" work when you want them to work on other skills. This app is very very colorful and is built with a space theme unlike StudyPad, Inc.s other apps. I really like the space theme and think it's perfect for 4th graders that may grow out of the aquarium look. I really liked the scratchpad also that's in the app. I would have loved this app growing up as I always had papers everywhere when working with math. This app also offers an explanation of what is wrong with your math problem if you receive a wrong answer which is really cool for additional learning within the app. I also like this since I may not know what some of the answers are either and the app will help you be able to teach your child better and also teach them why they received a wrong answer (kinda like a personal teacher within the app). Highly highly highly recommended :)

All the Splash Math apps are wonderful and have different price options available for you to be able to afford trying out (free version) or purchasing one to fit your price range (iPhone or iPad) I highly highly highly recommend giving one of them a try :)

iTunes link (iPad links)


Friday, January 20, 2012

abc PocketPhonics: letter sounds and writing + first words and DotToDot numbers and letters

abc PocketPhonics: letter sounds and writing + first words by Apps in My Pocket Ltd is a wonderful app for teaching writing, letter sounds, first words and more. There is over 170 first words in this app, 30 letter sounds including sh and ch sounds, and all the letter so the alphabet. This app also teaches the beginning of learning how to spell words. This app has helped everyone of my children a lot. My kids find this app to be fun and I have found it to be very educational and works very well for fine motor skills as well. I love that the writing is simple enough for my children to use without a stylus and I really love the erasing as all you have to do is shake it. Your child will first hear the letter sound and then trace each letter with their finger. The beginning spelling comes in by a word being placed on the screen with one letter missing. Your child then must choose which letter goes there by listening to the sounds. This app is highly highly highly recommended by me for all the wonderful skills it helps teach our children :)

DotToDot numbers and letters is another wonderful app from Apps in My Pocket Ltd. This app helps our children to work with dot-to-dots by using both number or letters. This app helps teach using either the numbers in order or the alphabet in order. Most children enjoy doing dot-to-dots since they love seeing what the picture will turn out to be. This app has many many options so it can grow and build with your child. You can do either small or big letters or with the numbers you can have them skip numbers all the way up to 12 numbers at a time. There's many more options in the setting screen also that can make it easier or harder depending on your child's ability. The pictures included are very cute and my kids love to find out what it turns into at the end. I highly highly highly recommend this app also :)

Here is another review from one of my friends :)

Pocketphonics developer App in my Pocket

Lite version: http://itunes.apple.com/au/app/abc-pocketphonics-lite-letter/id302689971?mt=8

AU$2.99 http://itunes.apple.com/au/app/abc-pocketphonics-letter-sounds/id299342927?mt=8

***** - 5 out of 5 Star App

This is one of my favourite apps, using it every day during the school year to help my daughter to read and to write. It teaches through:

1. the sounds of each letter
2. how to write each letter and
3. blending sounds together to create words.

Straight after you select the ‘Play’ icon – you are asked to put in the player’s name. You then get a choice of preferred font – D’Nealian style or ZanerBloser–lowercase, UPPER or Cursive – great choices depending on the current level of your child in their development of writing style (this can always been changed).

This app has a lot of content. The letters and blends are divided into 11 different groups and there are 170 frequently used words used to practice bringing the sounds together

This is a well thought out and developed app and well worth the $2.99 price. It is one of the best apps I personally have for this area of learning.

There is also a Parentzone. This is a great area for parents where there are FAQ and you can order the free reading guide.

You can have multiple users accounts with records of completed levels with 1, 2 or 3 stars. Lots of encouragement throughout the app to keep your child interested.

Recent awards include Editor’s Choice Award 2011 from Children’s Technology Review, Parents’ Choice Recommended Award

Website: http://appsinmypocket.com
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/appsinmypocket
Twitter link http://twitter.com/appsinmypocket
itunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dottodot-numbers-letters/id333188500?mt=8

Thursday, January 19, 2012


TransEz by CanDo Apps is a great app for making your own flashcards and/or a basic board. There is no overuse of colors that will over stimulate some children and no fancy audio that plays while your using the app. This is one of the "simplest" apps in terms of bells and whistles I've seen which is great for children on the spectrum as it won't interfer with the of the task at hand. You have the ability to create and personalize the images your child will use. You can personalize each card by adding audio, written print concepts, and the options to control color sensitivity on the back of each of the cards. This app has many possibilities and can be adjusted to best suit your needs. You can make just about any kind of board you want or would need in your home. Need an app for emotions then make a board for emotions. Need an app for for flashcards then make flashcards with this app. I use this app in my home many different ways. You add the pictures from your iPad/iPhone/iPod and then use those photos for your cards. Adding pictures is simple with this app and adding sound is even easier. I would love the option of finding and adding pictures off the web for this app but I have found using some of my other apps I have I can save pictures off of them and add to my photos on my iPad and use them with this app. I would highly recommended app :)


Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Splingo's Language Universe

Splingo's Language Universe by Talking Wizard LLP is a great app for working on speech and language skills. The alien in this app is very cute and the concepts presented in this app are wonderful. There is 4 levels of play included. Level 1- 1 main word such as "find the apple" which is great for the youngest group. Level 2- 2 main words such as "find the red apple". Level 3- 3 main words "find the big read apple". Level 4- 4 main words such as "give the big red apple to the boy". Each of these levels are wonderful for listening concepts and at the same time can teach your child size, colors, nouns, verbs, adjective and so on. This app was designed by speech and language pathologists and a teacher. My children love the rocket that you get to build once you get so many questions correct. I do have to say I do not like the computer animated voice as it is very hard to understand even to myself and nearly impossible for my children. I would love to see this updated in the future. The only other thing I found is that your child must be very exact on where to place the items or it puts them right back as if the answer was wrong. The price is great for this app which is defiantly a bonus. I do enjoy this app and do continue to keep it on my iPad (I've owned it for months now). I love the whole concepts surrounded by this app but it really could use these improvements to make it the best it can be but until then Highly recommended.

***UPDATE: There is a UK and US version included in the app. Please make sure if you purchase the app to check your settings depending on where you are so you receive the best wording for you form of English as they can be different such as biscuit for cookie :). This app will be updated hopefully soon to include an US English version for the speech as well which will defiantly make this a highly highly highly recommended app even with the few little blips with placement of the items :)***

I had already purchased this app so I had another parent review this app with my code given. She did also like the concept but it did not work out for her family for the reasons below:

Splingo has one of the most detailed descriptions in the app store. It strives to fill an important need for receptive language apps. In all fairness the app does what is promised but in a really poor fashion. First off the cute Splingo speaks with the clipped diction of a British diplomat. I found myself having to repeat directions just to understand him. The Brit factor is an issue when the direction is to put the biscuit on the bed. My 10 yo knows biscuit as a breakfast item you put our fried chicken on or as a name for your butt cheeks. Yanks don't call cookies biscuits.

The app mechanics are also a bit off. Placement is very unforgiving. My 10 yo autistic son would answer correctly but if the object wasn't slid to the exact spot his answer wouldn't register. This creates a lot of frustration. The build a rocket reward is not really motivating. My ASD son was able to do levels one and two independently which is good.

My biggest criticism is that levels 3 and 4 only pile on the earlier levels. No new skills are being taught. The next logical step in language direction when a one step direction with two modifiers is matered is to go to a two step direction. So Splingo should say tap the blue pencil then put the dog in the house. First next and before after could also be worked in with two step directions.

( as you know we are qualified SLPs with a combined experience of over 20
years and the levels of this app are structured according to our
professional knowledge and experience as to how children acquire language.
The system of 1-4 main words is an established therapeutic hierarchy which
allows the child to progress through gradually increasing sentence
complexity. In child language development, the next step beyond level 2 or 3
is not "2 step directions", as these require the processing of two separate
phrases and require the comprehension of a more developmentally-advanced
concept (e.g. first..then). If you analyse an instruction at level 4 on
Splingo; e.g."put the red balloon under the bed", you can see there are four
main ‘information-carrying’ words in that sentence (red, balloon, under,
bed). "In the sentence your reviewer suggests; “tap the blue pencil then put
the dog in the house” (tap, blue, pencil, then, dog, in, house), you can see
there are actually seven main words that the child must understand. This is
a big leap from level 2-3 and is not what we would recommend as the next
"logical step" developmentally, but is an excellent suggestion for possible
future updates to include extra difficult levels!!

I really had high hopes for this app but it will be relegated to the Not on this Device pile rather soon.

I also had another parent review this app and here's what she said:


app URL:
website: http://www.talkingwizard.co.uk
facebook: http://www.facebook.com/talkingwizard
twtter: http://twitter.com/talkingwizard

Monday, January 16, 2012

Baby Learns Colors

Baby Learns Colors by Bebebe Co. is a wonderful app to teach our children colors. This app has wonderful pictures that are very cool to teach young children about the 12 basic colors. There is three different scenes to use (fish, Ink blots, and Spaceships). You can record your own voice overs but the voices included are great too. You can pic your own avatar and add down loadable avatars and languages if needed. I love the different backgrounds and I have to say the fav in this house would be the spaceships. You can choose learn when you get on the screen and just learn the different colors or you can choose play which is where your child will get quizzed on the colors. With the play version your child will be able to to also choose a color page where they will paint the items. When playing the play version your child can also win Bebeka prizes for your prize world. My four year old loves being quizzed on his colors and this app makes it even more fun for him with all the little bonuses. I recommend this app for any child learning their colors. Highly highly recommended app :)

Name: Bebebe Co.
App Store: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/baby-learns-colors/id475439817?ls=1&mt=8
YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qQO53ynp1RM
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Baby-Learns/150896575001666
Website: http://www.babylearns.com
Email: info@babylearns.com

Friday, January 13, 2012

More Fun With Directions HD

More Fun With Directions HD by Hamaguchi Apps for Speech, Language and Auditory Development is another wonderful app from Hamaguchi Apps. I loved the first one and this one continues on with the same concepts and wonderful following directions for children. The Fun with Directions apps are wonderful for children that need help following directions, listening, auditory memory, auditory processing, colors, and size comparisons. This app is perfect for any child but especially the special needs child that needs help working on these speech concepts. This app has the capability of being used in and out of the home with parents, teachers, speech pathologist, and more. The "Superstar Direction" is an added bonus that makes the child use their expressive speech skills along with all the other skills used in this app. With this the child must tell what the direction was into the microphone and then they can listen to themselves back afterward. You do not have to use this feature as it is able to be turned on or off at any time. There is three levels of play: easy, intermediate, and advanced so you can choose which level is best fit for your child. When you first add a child you can choose preset settings or customize. In the customize section is where you will find the levels, turn text on or off, voice commands on/off, superstar directions on/off, and you can then choose the concepts you want or leave them as random. The voice in this app is great and not computer like and the pictures are colorful and welcoming with little distraction from the task at hand. I would highly highly highly recommend this app and all the Hamaguchi Apps :)


Pictures are brought to you straight from their website :)