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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

1st Grade Digital Workbooks- Space Board Level One Series

1st Grade Digital Workbooks- Space Board Level One Series by NeoLithix, LLC is a must have for first graders. This app has everything included for first grade level learning of Language Arts, Social Studies, Science, and Math. This app includes two bonus books of blank pages and ruled pages for additional learning. There are three categories in each learning area. Language Arts: Short Vowels, Long Vowels, and Word Families. Social Studies: Citizenship, Symbols and Mottos:Texas, and Symbols and Mottos: U.S.A. Science: Stages in Life Cycles, Living Organisms, Non-Living Objects. Math: Numbers 1-30, Numbers 31-100, and Skip Counting. There are over 450 pages in this digital workbook that works with writing. A stylus should be used to get the full benefit of this app. If you have used the younger versions of Space Boards you already know what wonderful apps these are but once you start getting into the grade levels of 1st grade and beyond you will be totally amazed by everything they include. I really like the fact that the student can check their own work by a flip of the page and see everything they have correct or wrong and can go back and erase and try again as this is not a feature that paper workbooks can offer. Children enjoy the ability to choose the color and size of mark that they will use to write with and the whole fact that it's on the iPad itself keeps them interested. My daughter uses this app to build on school skills all the time. She loves to use the iPad and it has been amazing what she can complete on the iPad that she can't on paper. We bought a very cheap stylus off of Amazon for only two cents for a pack of three plus shipping. You can find them just about anywhere and I highly suggest checking out online for them as they are much cheaper than in the stores. This app builds on the skills they teach slowly so the child can understand them well but they still have the ability to go back if skills are lost or forgotten. I highly highly highly recommend all Space Board apps especially the grade level ones for a broader selection of learning. :)



  1. Just purchased a bunch of workbooks from space boards, but never knew how to retrieve my downloads. My credit card was charged, I've emailed the company numerous times, tried to call, but NO reply. Could you help me?