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Thursday, January 19, 2012


TransEz by CanDo Apps is a great app for making your own flashcards and/or a basic board. There is no overuse of colors that will over stimulate some children and no fancy audio that plays while your using the app. This is one of the "simplest" apps in terms of bells and whistles I've seen which is great for children on the spectrum as it won't interfer with the of the task at hand. You have the ability to create and personalize the images your child will use. You can personalize each card by adding audio, written print concepts, and the options to control color sensitivity on the back of each of the cards. This app has many possibilities and can be adjusted to best suit your needs. You can make just about any kind of board you want or would need in your home. Need an app for emotions then make a board for emotions. Need an app for for flashcards then make flashcards with this app. I use this app in my home many different ways. You add the pictures from your iPad/iPhone/iPod and then use those photos for your cards. Adding pictures is simple with this app and adding sound is even easier. I would love the option of finding and adding pictures off the web for this app but I have found using some of my other apps I have I can save pictures off of them and add to my photos on my iPad and use them with this app. I would highly recommended app :)


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