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Monday, January 30, 2012

Talking Cards

Talking Cards by Timagine HD is a wonderful AAC app for children with motor skill disorders. This app is easy to use and offers 500 illustrations with sound. The sound is done by professional actors and actresses so it is very easy to understand everything being said. It's very easy to create your own albums, pictures, texts, and sounds with this app. If you have an iPad2 you are able to directly add them to this app. This app is available in Swedish and American English. With the newest version of this app they added secure mode to protect your settings from little hands. I loved the idea behind the "pockets" of different titles for easy access to each item such as snacks, toys, colors, etc.. This makes this app very easy for children to find exactly what they are looking for quickly and easily. This app does not build sentences but is a wonderful app for just pictures for children starting out using an AAC app. This app is specially designed for children with motor difficulties and is very easy to press exactly what the child is looking for. The pictures are large and clear so any child can use this app. I love the option of image size so and layout so if you want where it will only show two choices you may do so. You can also have 6 choices and 12 choices so as your child grows they can use the smaller pictures with more choices if able to do so. If you choose two images on a page but you have more pictures in there you will be able to just slide with your finger right or left to see the rest of the images. You can also use this app like a  choice board if you would like by having images in a folder that offer choices of different items for your child. I used this app as a choice board for my family and it seems to work very well. I made folders to offer only certain choices and then let my children pick out of the choices offered. I would highly highly highly recommend this app for children with motor difficulties and need a simple AAC app. I also highly highly recommend this app as use of a choice board :)


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  1. Thank you Mandy for the great review! If anyone else has tried the app and thinks it could be a good help for children with communication and motor difficulties, please rate the app and write a short comment in the App Store to other parents and educators. Best! Jens Peter @ Timagine, makers of Talking Cards