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Thursday, January 12, 2012


Speech4Good by Balbus Speech is a great app for speech teachers to use while working with students. This app helps monitor, record and share speech therapy sessions. I really liked the speech graph (oscilloscope) that is included in this app. It was really neat to see the sound as it was spoken. You can also record, add notes, and playback everything which is really neat to show to others if needed and also to play back for your child to hear. I used this app with my boys who both have speech problems and they loved hearing themselves back and watching the graph as they talked. I really liked that you can email the sessions also because then I was able to send them off to their speech teachers and show them what we were working on at home. Hearing the speech sessions back my 6yr old was able to start hearing some of the mistakes he was making with words and try to correct them. He has a big problem with L, Y, and R sounds along with a few others. I was so proud of him when he started to try to fix his own mistakes while using this app. There is also a DAF available with adjustable levels included in this app too. I'm not a speech teacher just a mom so I'm not familiar with what this does. There is also a custom-built library to save and organize files, a social media integration, and as stated before the ability to email each of your sessions. I highly highly recommend this app for speech teachers to have the ability to share and review sessions :)

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