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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Splash Math by StudyPad, Inc.

All the splash math apps are wonderful for teaching children math skills. They now go all the way to 4th grade math skills. My children love the splash math apps especially my daughter. My daughter is technically the only one that should be able to use the splash math apps but my 6yr old even plays around with the First grade one. There is free versions to give a try if you want to see if they will work for your child also. I would love to see a Kindergarten workbook sometime in the future along with continuing up the grades as all these apps help with teaching math skills to our children :)

Splash Math- 1st grade workbook, Splash Math- 2nd grade workbook, and Splash Math- 3rd grade workbook are all wonderful apps from StudyPad, Inc.. These apps are colorful and really make math fun for the learner. Each of these apps include over 200 math concepts for the grade levels and track your child's progress as they learn. The whole app is interactive which I really thinks helps your child stay interested in the app. There is a fun little aquarium adventure in between learning with these apps. Each of these apps cover topics for each grade level that your child will be learning throughout the grade level year. There is many options for parents with these apps that allow you to turn on and off different chapters if your child is not working on that skill or have mastered a skill. You can also set the level of difficulty which is nice if you want to challenge your child who has mastered a grade level or if they are just starting out you can set them on easy. I highly highly highly recommend these splash math apps :)

4th Grade Math: Splash Math Worksheets App: I separated this app because it is completely new and fresh from StudyPad, Inc. This app has over 140 worksheets with 10 chapters included. This app covers every math skill your child should learn durning the 4th grade year. The app is once again highly interactive and allows your child to learn at their own pace. You can assign homework with this app!!! I really like this option as this really helps a home schooled child or a child that is using this as a little extra help at home but tries to just play around with "easy" work when you want them to work on other skills. This app is very very colorful and is built with a space theme unlike StudyPad, Inc.s other apps. I really like the space theme and think it's perfect for 4th graders that may grow out of the aquarium look. I really liked the scratchpad also that's in the app. I would have loved this app growing up as I always had papers everywhere when working with math. This app also offers an explanation of what is wrong with your math problem if you receive a wrong answer which is really cool for additional learning within the app. I also like this since I may not know what some of the answers are either and the app will help you be able to teach your child better and also teach them why they received a wrong answer (kinda like a personal teacher within the app). Highly highly highly recommended :)

All the Splash Math apps are wonderful and have different price options available for you to be able to afford trying out (free version) or purchasing one to fit your price range (iPhone or iPad) I highly highly highly recommend giving one of them a try :)

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