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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Weily Apps

Weily Apps are wonderful apps for teaching many different basic learning skills. They offer math and matching apps that children love. My kids love working with these apps and I found them to be wonderful for teaching math skills.

Visual Math Level 1 is a wonderful app for teaching math skills for children ages 4-6. This app uses images of everyday objects while teaching patterns, shapes, numbers, reading clocks, and basic measurement concepts. There is 120 questions per game in unlimited variations. The pictures included are wonderful and realistic. I do wish they read the directions out loud so the child could play the app independently. I also would love to see where it would make a yes or no sound when your child gets an answer right and that it would move automatically to the next question instead of having to press OK each time. This app has great potential in being a wonderful app with these few minor changes. Recommended app with possibility of being higher with the few changes :)

Visual Math 2 is a great app for 6-9 year olds. If your child is a visual learner then this app is great for that. This app has wonderful pictures to teach your child patterns, sequencing, shapes, numbers, reading clocks, money, and spatial measurement and location. This app builds on Visual Math Level 1 and makes it perfect for the child that has mastered level 1 or is just starting out with Weily Apps. This app also includes 120 questions with many variations. The same issues with level 1 can be found in level 2. I would once again love to see the words read to the child and a clear answer of correct or incorrect. I would also like to see this app progress to the next question without having to hit OK each time. These few changes would make this one of my favorite math apps as the questions it provides are right on target and the pictures are great. I would love for my daughter to be able to work with this app independently as she does better working by herself then directly with someone but she can't read so she needs assistance with it. Once again I recommend this app but it has high possibilities of being the top highly with a few minor changes :)

What's Next?- Pattern Game is a great app for teaching patterns for all ages. The pictures are once again wonderful in this app and I love the sounds for each of the pictures. I would love to see once again that you didn't have to hit OK each time as this especially is confusing for toddler/preschoolers to understand. There is no reading of directions since this app doesn't need it with it being patterns only. If you get answer wrong it doesn't make a noise or inform your child they got the answer wrong clearly. I would love to see where it either brought it back to it's home if wrong or at least made a noise for wrong answers. I love that this app brings a sensory experience in with color changes in the background. The patterns are easy to hard with no way of changing settings which is slightly disappointing but not a deal breaker with this app. My kids all use this app for patterns and they seem to enjoy using it. I would highly recommend this app with possibilities once again of being higher :)

PhotoMatch Kids HD is a cute matching app. There is three levels included of 8, 12, or 16 cards. You can add your personal pictures which makes this app really cool. I really like that this can be a two player game or you can play solo. I'm trying to teach my children right now to play together and this is a great addition to 2player games for my iPad. This app also will record top scores which is neat for children that thrive on competition in a good way. You can choose your card style on the back of the cards with many different options. This app is fun for all ages and being able to add your own pics separate this app from all other matching games I've seen as of yet. For this being a matching game I highly highly highly recommend this app :)

Visual Math Level 1 -iPad

-Visual Math Level 1 is a great app for teaching kids about math concepts using everyday objects. The ability to track the performance of multiple players is a great addition to let parents know in which area their kids are not so good at and give them more guidance on that topic.

PhotoMatch Kids HD - iPad

-PhotoMatch Kids is the classic matching game personalized with your own photos.

 What's Next?? - Pattern Game (iPhone)
- Pattern Game is a useful app for Pattern Recognition using everyday objects. The additional sound effects are a nice touch to not only help in pattern recognition but also to make it more fun!

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