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Friday, January 27, 2012

Speech Sounds on Cue for iPad (US English)

Speech Sounds on Cue for iPad (US English) by Mulitmedia Speech Pathology is an awesome speech app. I'm very impressed with this app and it's wonderful teaching ability. This app has over 500 videos, sound clips, and photos. I really like that it has the ability to record and playback the words for your child. This app is not only for speech sounds it also teaches rhyming. When you turn on the app you come to a screen for speech sounds. You have the choice of these sounds: W, M, N, L, R, P, B, T, D, K/C, G, F, V, S, Z, Sh, Th, Ch, J, and H. You have three choices at the bottom of the screen for basic (where you choose only one sound), random (you choose more then one sound), and rhyming. When you choose a letter it will make the sound with lips repeatedly for your child and tell them how to do it. Next they will use that sound in a sentence, then use the word silently with only lips, and then have you say the word. I really like that your child doesn't even need to push record to say the word with this app. When you see the microphone come up your child can just say the word without a press of a button. You do have the option after to record again or playback also before going onto the next sentence. You can also choose what words with the sound you want your child to work on or you can just select all of them. The rhyming portion of this app will show your child 4 rhyming pictures at a time and as they press the pictures it will say the word. I really love this app and find it perfect for teaching articulation. This is a definite must have for speech therapy in and out of the home :) Highly Highly Highly recommended :)



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