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Thursday, January 26, 2012

AAC- Scroll and Speak

AAC- Scroll and Speak by Speech Concepts, LLC is a wonderful AAC app. This app not only offers a wonderful price but is also so easy to use. This app offers a lot of pictures already loaded into the app and the pictures are realistic. You can line the pictures up to make sentences easily. The voice is very clear and easily understood. You have options to add your own sound and pictures. You can choose the colored folders you wish and you can add additional users if needed. This app will also save favorite phrases that are used commonly in your house by the user. You can build sentences easily or you can just do pictures depending on your child's needs. You have the option between male or a female voice. All options are on one screen in a scrolling format so your child can find them easily. A wonderful friend of mine uses this with her 9yr old nonverbal son and he just loves this app. She helped me with this review and I reviewed it as a parent of three verbal children who use the app for speech. My children love using this app for speech. The scrolling options makes it so easy for even my four year old to use. With this app you even have the option of typing a sentence and having the app speak for your child so this app can grow with them all through life. When you go into the user option it will have a picture of your child that they will press for the app to speak for them. This app is amazing and although not fancy is a wonderful starter aac app or one that could be used as a permanent aac app for your child. Highly highly highly recommended :)

additional review:

Scroll n speak
This is an amazing app..multiple users can use this..its very easy for a non verbal child to communicate there wants and needs.. there is category that you can update and save your favorite phrases...the pictures are so realistic ..there is also a typing key pad you can type the words and the device says it there is 3 voices to choose from..this is a very easy app for any person to use I give this app two thumbs up..

Twitter: http://twitter.com/SpeechConcepts

Website for apps: www.speechappsstore.com

Company website: www.speech-concepts.com

email: www.speech.concepts@yahoo.com

Link for AAC Scroll & Speak: itunes.apple.com/us/app/aac-scroll-and-speak/id481561583?mt=8

Link for Time This!: itunes.apple.com/us/app/time-this!/id472752315?mt=8

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