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Tuesday, January 31, 2012


TalkBoard by Mark Ashley is a great communication and visual prompt aid. You can use the photos from your own personal library to create boards. The boards are simple to make with just a click on your pictures of choice and then add sound, text, and timer. You can add a lock so your child can not change anything you don't want changed while they are using the app. This app comes with wonderful tutorial videos to show you how to use the app. You have many choices of the size of boards you want from 2x2 all the way to a 10x10 size board. You can add cell boards in many different colors. When your done making the board you can use the board from within the app or you can even use the print option to print off boards as needed. Branching is also offered with this app where it allows the user to switch between boards by tapping and scanning boards cells. I loved the easy to use features of this app but I do wish there was an easy way of having pictures included for iPad 1 users since they do not have a camera option. There is a free PicCutter tool for PC and Mac for more images but I could not get the PC version to download on my computer so I could not check this option out. This app is a highly highly recommended app :)


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