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Friday, January 13, 2012

More Fun With Directions HD

More Fun With Directions HD by Hamaguchi Apps for Speech, Language and Auditory Development is another wonderful app from Hamaguchi Apps. I loved the first one and this one continues on with the same concepts and wonderful following directions for children. The Fun with Directions apps are wonderful for children that need help following directions, listening, auditory memory, auditory processing, colors, and size comparisons. This app is perfect for any child but especially the special needs child that needs help working on these speech concepts. This app has the capability of being used in and out of the home with parents, teachers, speech pathologist, and more. The "Superstar Direction" is an added bonus that makes the child use their expressive speech skills along with all the other skills used in this app. With this the child must tell what the direction was into the microphone and then they can listen to themselves back afterward. You do not have to use this feature as it is able to be turned on or off at any time. There is three levels of play: easy, intermediate, and advanced so you can choose which level is best fit for your child. When you first add a child you can choose preset settings or customize. In the customize section is where you will find the levels, turn text on or off, voice commands on/off, superstar directions on/off, and you can then choose the concepts you want or leave them as random. The voice in this app is great and not computer like and the pictures are colorful and welcoming with little distraction from the task at hand. I would highly highly highly recommend this app and all the Hamaguchi Apps :)


Pictures are brought to you straight from their website :)

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