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Monday, January 30, 2012

Doonan Speech Therapy (Speech with Milo apps)

Doonan Speech Therapy (Speech with Milo apps) are wonderful apps to help with speech therapy. Milo is a very friendly mouse that helps children learn speech skills in a friendly way. The prices of these apps are very reasonable which makes these apps accessible to many. These apps are a wonderful addition for homes, schools, and therapist to help those who need help with speech skills.

Speech with Milo: Verbs helps show children words that are verbs and how to use them. Milo preforms on stage over 100 actions. I really like how this app has instructions for both parents and therapist on how to better use this app. You can choose from a list of actions that Milo will preform on stage for your child or you can choose them all. With the use of Milo showing your child the actions your child will learn action words faster then with the use of flashcards because they will stay interested longer. Milo's breaks during the app are fun and very cute. I highly highly recommend this app :)

Speech with Milo: Prepositions is similar to the Verbs one except instead of verbs it's prepositions. With this app you will travel through all sorts of scenes learning prepositions with Milo. I find that with Milo your child will learn what prepositions are and how to use them a lot faster then with flashcards. Although these apps are meant for smaller children I find that both the verb and prepositions apps would make wonderful apps for when your child is older and learning about these in school. Highly highly recommended :)

Speech with Milo: Sequencing is one of my favorite Milo apps. Sequencing can be a hard thing to teach children with special needs and the use of Milo makes it fun for them to learn. Your child will learn sequencing, storytelling, time concepts, developing complex sentences, length of utterances, and improve grammar skills. When working with this app your child will need to help put the story back together in order. Each story has three cards to place in order. There is 35 sequencing exercises with animation included. My children use this app often and love it. I would like to see more then three story cards either added to this app or in a new one for older children to have more of a challenge but otherwise this app is great :) Highly highly highly recommended :)

Speech with Milo: Interactive Storybook is a very fun and lively story. My children have listened to this story many many of times. You have choices of how you want the book to work such as interactive features on/off, text on/off, narration on/off, and background sounds on/off. You are also able to bookmark your page if you must stop the book so you don't have to start all over again. My daughter is just starting to read and this book works very well as a starter book for reading. I like the option of recording your own voice for each page as she can work on reading and have it recorded to hear herself back. You can use this app many was for speech therapy such as predicting skills, wh questions, and any other ways you can think of. I highly highly highly recommend this app :)


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