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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Magikid Train

Magikid Train by Angell Echo is a fun app for children to learn colors, shapes and logic skills. This app has 53 levels and 153 puzzles. Your children will explore all these things by draging them to the train below. This is a nice app for learning patterns and discovering shapes and colors. I find this app to be fairly easy to use and best set up for the younger children (toddler to mid preschool). This app makes it fun to identify shapes from the characters above like you would in puzzle apps. This app is colorful and lively. If your child needs to learn these skills yet and has a love for trains this app may be for them. My children did not seem too excited over this app and quickly lost interest. This app has potential to be a wonderful app for some families but it just wasn't one for my family.

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