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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Time This!

Time This! by Speech Concepts, LLC is a great app for transitioning. This app is fully customizable to fit your child's needs. You can create and change schedules easily and use three different types of timers. The three different timers are clock, hourglass, or a digital timer. I also liked the different timer sounds when time is up so you can choose what works best for your child. You are able to add your own voice to the app to tell what the pictures are. This app is wonderful for children with all kinds of special needs and works wonderfully at home or school. I did find this app a little difficult to maneuver at first. It takes some practice to start using it and would love for directions to be added in the future directly in the app itself. Once figured out it is fairly easy to use. It does come with some preloaded pictures for you with options to add your own too. I would love for iPad 1 users to have more options such as a Internet search engine to add more pics since they don't come with a camera. My children love the pictures of exactly what they are supposed to do and how long. I use it with them for activities after school since that seems to be the roughest time around here for routines, eventually I will move on to full days especially weekends. It has the option to add other children but I have found it easier to use the large timer that is included and just use that since you can't have more then one timer going at a time. I highly highly recommend this app for iPad 2 users who need help with transitions :)

Twitter: http://twitter.com/SpeechConcepts

Website for apps: www.speechappsstore.com

Company website: www.speech-concepts.com

email: www.speech.concepts@yahoo.com

Link for AAC Scroll & Speak: itunes.apple.com/us/app/aac-scroll-and-speak/id481561583?mt=8

Link for Time This!: itunes.apple.com/us/app/time-this!/id472752315?mt=8


  1. Purchased app but very disappointed that there is no way to lock settings as well as the first page being too busy.
    The app is useless to me until u put lock settings on it.

    1. contacted the developer for you :) Hopefully maybe in an update someday soon :)

    2. The developer would love to hear from you :) They are hopeing to update the app soon and would like to hear more about your suggestion :)If you need their email address feel free to get ahold of me :)