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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

See Me Go Potty English

See Me Go Potty English by AvaKid Productions is a great way to teach children about going potty. You get to create an avatar with this app to resemble your child. There is many options available to make the avatar resemble your child. There is an accident scene included in this app to show your child what it means to have an accident. There is potty training tips included with this app for the parents and a very cute and simple story showing your child how to go potty. This is a wonderful visual learning tool for children that are having a hard time with potty training. I did find some glitches with the avatar (my character was multicolored and half girl half boy) but I'm sure the app will be updated to fix this minor glitch. This app helps special needs children learn about the potty and the correct steps to doing so in a simple easy format without all the fancy bells and whistles that make some potty training apps that are distracting  to some children. I really like the tips that it includes for parents. I highly highly recommend this app but would add another highly if the avatar glitch was fixed :)

Website: www.avakid.com
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/AvaKid
Twitter link: http://twitter.com/avakidapps
iTunes link: http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/see-me-go-potty-english/id450495594?mt=8


  1. I wonder what system you are running your See Me Go Potty on (i.e. iPhone, DroidX, etc.). We run ours on an iPad(1) and have never experienced any issues/glitches...though it has been played so so so many times as my kids think it is funny to continue to make avatars kids they know (despite now being done with potty training).

  2. I run it on the iPad 2. Not sure if that's what is making the differnce. I'm going to try to delete and reinstall through my computer after this weekend and see if it fixes the issue :)