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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Social Navigator

Social Navigator by Seven Minds is a wonderful social skills app. This app can help develop social skills and help with behavioral challenges. This app can be used to help with behavior management and be a teaching tool to your child when they run into bad behaviors. This app helps with social situations at home, school, and within the community and teaches social judgment and social interaction. This app has over 50 specific social skills and helps improve on social skills situations instead of having to use discipline. The app will also help with documenting and tracking behaviors to be used latter for IEP's, BIP's, and FBA's. This app can be helpful for special needs children or typically children. I found this app to be wonderful for my older two children and it is helping them learn to cope with their emotions that come out in social situations. This app can travel with your child on your iPod/iPhone for them to be able to find the situation they are in and how to handle it correctly. I find this app to be like a social story on the go where you pick the outcome. When your child completes the task at hand such as going to grandma's house, your child will then have to check off the skills they used and fill out a sliding scale of if the skills they used worked or didn't work. After your child finishs this it's the parents turn to fill out what's needed and then the results get recorded. The app will give your child suggestions along the way of how they should handle each situation. This app does not read to your child so if they can not read you will have to read for them. Once they are able to read this app becomes very easy for your child to use themselves and start becoming even more independent with their social skills. I highly highly highly recommend this app :)


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  1. Did you pay for this app? I suspect you were given it to try for free by the people selling it. I do not think it is worth $50. I paid for it and am very disappointed for the price. There are just not enough choices/situations. Of they want to charge so much they really need to improve it. At the moment the most I would happily pay would be $4.99.

  2. I base my reviews on content only and not on price. Sorry you are not happy with the app :(