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Monday, February 13, 2012

Sight Words Hangman

Sight Words Hangman by Marcel Widarto is an awesome app for helping your children learn sight words. This app has 290 sight words included. Your child will be able to not only see but hear the words also. There is 29 unique word list to choose from so you can choose what list to use for your child. This app is perfect for kindergarten to first grade to build on these skills. This app helps teach sight words to your child better then flash cards by adding the game format to it. I'm sure most of us have played hangman at some point in our lives and this app is just like it only better since it uses the words your child needs to learn. The game is simple and easy to use for your child. For this game of hangman your child will touch the word to hear it and then they must select the correct word or a body part falls off. If your child gets the word correct it will move onto the next word. I've used this app with both my kindergartner and my first grader and they love this app. It makes learning sight words fun :) Highly highly highly recommended :)


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