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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Touch Autism apps

Touch Autism apps have many different apps centered around autism. There apps help you find apps for autism, help with touch training, they have social stories and more. Their apps are wonderful for children with autism but also beneficial to all children with special needs.

Autism Apps: This app helps you find apps for your child with autism but also other special needs apps as well. This app helps you find apps that would be beneficial to your child and their needs. This is a free app for parents that has over 30 categories for you to search through to find the right apps for your child and their needs. Highly highly highly recommended :)

Touch Tutorial- Elderly, Autism and Special Education: This app helps teach touchscreens and how to use them. The tutorial helps with teaching many different movements that you will have to use with a touchscreen such as sliding, taping, and touching. This app is very beneficial to those that have no experience with touchscreens but may need them in their daily lives. This may seem like a waste of money but it defiantly is not if you need to teach the basics to someone that has no knowledge of using a touchscreen format. This app will show them all the different moves you use with your touchscreen with no interruptions of fancy lighting or sounds. There is a lite version if you are concerned if this app would work for you and it provides the first two levels of play. Highly highly recommended :)

Touch Trainer- Autism and Special Education: This app helps children with special needs learn more about touch with your touchscreen. This app is different then Touch Tutorial in that it does have color and sounds included. When you child touches the screen it will play music and show animations when the button is touched. The button will get smaller and smaller as your child goes along. There is a setting included in this app to decide if the app will "react" to any touch or if it will only recognize the distinct taps. This app is a fun and easy way to get your child learning the iPad and is very beneficial for your child if they are having a hard time with cause and effect with the touchscreen. There is 7 levels of play with this app. I highly highly highly recommend this app for first timers with a touchscreen :)

Preference and Reinforcer Assessment- Autism and Special Education: This app if for preference/reinforcement assessment and has a timer, graphs, and more. This app can be very beneficial for anyone trying to track performance. You place choices down and then ask the child to pick on and once they pic one it will time how long it took for them to make their choice and then you are to give a reinforcement such as a "ball". This app will track how many times the child ask for a certain item so you know what works best as a reinforcer. The app includes wonderful instruction on how to use this app and provides visuals for you to learn how to set up and use the app. This app can be very very helpful if you need to know what is working for reinforcements and what is not. Highly highly recommended app :)

Knock Knock Numbers- Joke Telling and Conversations Tool for Autism, Aspergers, Down Syndrome and Special Education: This app is really cute and includes 20 classic knock knock jokes. This app helps improve conversation and builds on social skills. Humor is tough for children on the autism spectrum and they are said to have a "dry humor". I know with my children this is true and this app helps show my children what a joke is and how to use it appropriately. They may not understand it but this app helps teach the skills of learning how to use humor and how it should sound. I highly highly highly recommend this app :)

Ok for the last few I'm going to do something a little different. They are all social stories and all have wonderful benefits to children with special needs. I am not going into great detail and they will all be listed below with a short intro to each one :) All are Highly highly highly recommended based on the needs of your child :)

Calm Counter- Social Story and Anger Management Tool for Autism, Down Syndrome and Special Needs: App includes- social story about anger and an audio/visual for calming down. This app helps teach our children about anger and how to handle it in a good way :)

Conversation Social Stories and Simple PECS Communication Tool- Autism, Down Syndrome and Special Needs: App included- Four social stories about conversations. This app helps show your child how to have a conversation based on where they are and what they are trying to do. Skills included are greetings, asking someone to play, tips on where to stand, and how to end a conversation and more :)

My Day With WH Words- A Social Story and Speech Tool for Autism, Down Syndrome and Other Special Needs: This app helps your child explain their day using WH questions. It introduces the who, what, when, where, and how that comes so hard to some of our children. This app helps explain these questions in a social story format that has worked well in my home. It helps build conversation with our children. :)

Turn Taker- Sharing Tool and Social Story for Autism, Down Syndrome and Special Needs: This app helps teach sharing. The parent will set the timer for turns and then the app will point to who's turn it is until the time runs out and it says "finished". It will then go to the other player for a turn. This app could come in handy if your child has a really hard time with sharing especially with game play. :)

Staying Safe and Safer Strangers- A Stranger Danger Social Story for Autism, Down Syndrome and Other Special Needs: This app includes two community social stories. One story is about safe strangers and buildings and the other story teaches what to do if your lost. Both of these concepts are very important for our children to learn. Any child needs to know what to do in either situation but children with special needs sometimes have even more trouble knowing what to do if they are lost, meet a stranger, and more. This app helps teach who is safe and who is not. :)

Compliments- A Social Story and Speech Tool on How to Give a Compliment for Autism, Aspergers, Down Syndrome and Other Special Needs: This app teaches how to give and receive a compliment. This helps your child be less fearful or unresponsive when given a compliment and teaches them to also give compliments to others. This may be difficult to some children with special needs as they may not know how to react when given a compliment and others may not know when or how to give a compliment to others and this app helps teach them that :)

Going Shopping Social Story- A Story About Good Store Behavior For Children with Autism, Down Syndrome and Special Needs: This app helps teach your child the right way to act in the store. This app is very helpful on teaching correct behavior for the store and how to react if they don't get something at the store that day. This app comes with instructions for using the app for the parent as well :)

Divorce Social Story- A Social Story for Children about Divorce- Autism, Down Syndrome and Special Needs: This app helps explain divorce to your child and what happens during a divorce in simple and easy terms. This app can help explain that it is completely normal for mommies and daddies to not live together in the same home. This app also helps show your child that they are still loved even if mommy and daddy aren't together in the same home :)














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