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Monday, January 2, 2012

Let's Go Chipper- Nature and Environmental Movies, Books and Activities

Let's Go Chipper- Nature and Environmental Movies, Books and Activities by It's all Good Media is a wonderful way to teach your children about environmental things. This app includes movies, coloring, activities, and more. My children enjoyed the books that were animated and read along with them. The movies were fun for them to watch and they really enjoyed the singing. This app is great for younger children to learn about enivronmental things such as reducing your carbon footprint and nature in general which is an important thing for them to start learning about at a young age and this app makes all this fun for your child. There is even ringtones for the parents in this app :). Chipper is the lead character and my children found him cute and fun. This app includes so much different activities and stories/movies that I highly highly recommend this app for a fun and educational way to learn about nature :)


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  1. I think it can get really useful if such resources for the environment can be provided in schools and even in colleges. Young ones really needs a lot of awareness for the environment so they wont end up so much as the earlier generation who might have overused it too much.