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Thursday, December 29, 2011

@Reks apps

@Reks has a lot of really awesome learning apps. All their apps can really help our children get into spelling and math in a cute and friendly way. Their apps help by adding a friendly dinosaur frind to leed our children into a whole new way of learning things that are needed for everyday living such as adding, subtracting, spelling, time, patterns, and more. They offer apps geared toward children from preschool to about 2nd grade but even higher grade levels can learn from their spelling and math apps :)

Build A Word Express- Practice spelling and learn letter sounds and names- This app offers two modes of play: Practice and Quiz mode. There is many options with this app such as wheither or not you want upper or lower case letters, verbal or visual prompts or both, and more. This app will help your children enter the world of spelling in a fun and educational way and can be geared for your child with special needs. This app has been used with my daughter and she loved it. She is just starting to enter the world of spelling and even though she has a difficult time with this she loves this app. I can set it up so she can easily use this app and start learning how to spell different words. There is even positive reinforcement throughout the whole app to keep her interested and engaged throughout :) Highly highly recommended :)

Build A Word- Easy Spelling- Learn to Spell Sight Words, Long Vowel and Short Vowel Words- This app is a wonderful app that offers over 600+ words for your child to start learning. There is 4+ word lists for short vowels, long vowels, sight words, or you can even add your own word list. The app offers the option of practice and quiz mode and allows you to choose upper or lower case letters.The positive reinforcements in this app helps keep your child using this app over and over again for learning. There is the option of custom made features for special needs which helps gear this app towards our children. You can set it up so it's easy to focus on the letters, no time restraints, and more. Wonderful app that is highly used in our home :) Highly highly highly recommended :)

Memory Game: Letters, Numbers, Shapes and Colors- This app is perfect for all three of my children as it can be adjusted many different ways. You can have either upper or lower case letters or a mix, block or cursive letters, numbers 1-20, all different shapes, all different colors and more. You get to pick how many cards you have them use between 6, 12, and 18 cards at the same time. I love the option that this app can be used with more then one child as it offers single, two-player, or iComputer modes that make this even more fun. My oldest two love to play togeather all different kinds of games now that they started school and are starting to do so in school but they make a huge mess with common board games and don't really learn anything from them so any app that brings learning into my home with more then one child at a time is awesome and this app definatly does that. I also enjoy the X-Ray option in case your child needs to look at the cards they can do so for 5 seconds to learn their postions on the screen. Once again this is a highly highly highly recommended app :)

Memory Game: Addition and Memory Game: Subtraction- These two apps are similar to the one above but go into the higher levels of learning. They have the same options listed above of one, two, or iComputer modes which make both of these apps awesome. My children can't use these apps togeather but my daughter can still play against the computer which makes it a little more fun and interesting to her. She's all about competing to win so these apps help her do that along with learning. I loved that there is three levels of difficulty so my daughter is able to play these apps as she is just starting with adding and subtracting with only one-digit numbers. I would highly highly recommend these apps :)

Caboose- Learn to Recognize and Complete Patterns- Shapes, Colors, Letters and Numbers is a wonderful wonderful app for toddler to kindgergarten. This app works wonders with all sorts of patterns. With this app your child will learn patters with all the things listed in the title and they will continue to learn these things all through the early years of school for future math skills and other catagories. My boys love this app as it involves Reks the dinosaur pulling a train :). With this app I find that you can adjust it to your childs ability to do patterns so if your child is working on colors you can do colors or if they are in the older group and are learning letters you can work with letters in a pattern. The pattern types are wonderful since it offers so many different types such as ABAB, AABA, AABB, and so on. My daughter still even uses this app in the first grade as they still work on patterns and she has a tough time with them so I will get out this app to help show her how patterns work and to expand on her skills. I would highly highly highly recommend this app :)

All @Reks app are wonderful for all children I highly highly recommend trying at least one of them with you children to see if their apps will work for your family :)


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