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Friday, December 16, 2011

iPrompts XL

iPrompts XL by Handhold Adaptive, LLC is sonderful app for picture schedules, visual support, choices and even includes a visual timer!!!. This app helps special needs children with creating visual supports that may be needed in everyday skills and learning. Picture Schedules: This app alows you to create picture schedules for your child to use for everyday support of what is going to happen that day in order. You can set this up how you need it in your home. So if you want just a first then and then this schedule you can do that or if you need the whole morning routine down you can have that. This area of the app is very versitle to fit your home. I loved using this part of the app especially with my 6yr old as he forgets many steeps and then gets mad when he has to rush to get everything done. I especially liked this for the morning routine which is always a mess before school. Visual Countdown timer: The countdown timer is perfect for sharing time and or when an activity ends or begins. You can place a picture of what comes next and when the timer goes off it's time for that activity. Visual timers can be quite spendy on their own and this app has one built right in. Choice Prompts: You can place images on the screen to offer choices to your child. This part is especially helpful for non-verbal children to let them have a voice in what they want to do. Image Library: This part of the app includes all "starter" images and includes hundreds of already made images. You can find many images in catagories or make your own catagories. You can add your own images which comes in handy since you may want familar objects for your child or you can search the web for additional items if none of the preset images fit with your needs. This app is very versital to what you need in your home. It includes many different things that is hard to find with anyother app I've ever seen. Be sure to check out my review of their other apps SharingTimer and AutismTrack.  Everything you may need is all in this one wonderful app. I highly highly highly recommend this app :)


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