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Monday, December 12, 2011

Tiga Talk Speech Therapy Games

Tiga Talk Speech Therapy Games by Tiga Talk 3 Inc and Tactica Interactive is a wonderful speech tool for parents and speech teachers alike. This app was developed with speech and language pathologists and it is a very fun way of learning for our children. Your child will learn clarity, articulation, and instill confidence in themselves with this app. There is many different games for your child to play with while using this app such as driving a boat by using certain sounds and popping ballons plus many more all using speech. You child will first be interduced to the letter sound and will have to say it so many times before being able to play the game. There is a speech meter at the bottom of the screen that will catch your childs sounds as they use them. You can also see an actul mouth use each of the sounds by clicking on the mouth. Clicking on the letter will repeat the sound that is to be made. This is a very fun way to learn speech skills and the pictures are very cute. Your child can even run the app by making any sound not necessarly the one giving which can be a good thing and a bad thing. It's a good thing if your child is non-verbal and you want them to start using sounds in general and by using this app you get a cause and effect type of response (car moves as your child makes a sound). But at the same time a bad thing if your trying to get your child to use the correct sounds with the app which in this case you have to use your own judgement in whither they are saying it correctly or just making sounds to be "silly".  I highly highly recommend this app :)


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