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Friday, December 16, 2011

Autism Tracker Pro (Track Analyze Share ASD Daily)

Autism Tracker Pro (Track Analyze Share ASD Daily) by Track and Share Apps, LLC is a wonderful tracking app for autism. You can track many different things for your child with autism with this awesome app. With this app you can track: Mood, Behavior, Food, and Health and then put them all into a wonderful report to share as needed. You can customize this app to fit your child and your needs. You can add a picture if needed, do daily, weekly, and monthly graphs, make notes, and customize how you track items. There is a wonderful calander included on the front page of this app which helps you track items as needed such as how bad some behavior was each day of the month. I had another parent also use this app and she fell in love with this app as she is trying to track many different things with her child right now ans this is what she said: "This app has helped me track my childs behavior and stool as we try new diets with him. This app has also helped me figure out when his behaviors such as pinching occur and what may be causing them. We have tried different meds and he is currently on a new med at this app has helped show me that the med has made no difference with his behaviors. I love that I can chart this and hand it to his dr. to show that there was no changes with the med." I loved with this app that you can track all the things you want added such as moods, weather, sensory, activity level, and more. With each item you are able to change how you rate it to make it more indepth or easy to just click and go. You pick how you rate and for some things you might want one but for another you want something else. There is so many preset items but it also gives you the option to make your own items so it fits best with your child. The only thing I did not like with this app is that I wish it was possible to use with more then one child. You could do it but it would take a lot of work to do and I would rather see where you could just click between children. The only way I found to track more then one is to put their name next to each item which would meen spending a lot of time customizing but for the price of this app compared to some others it is wonderful. I would highly highly highly recommend this app if you have one child you are trying to track :)

Here's some images right from their website :


http://itunes.apple.com/ke/app/autism-tracker-lite-track/id478527813?mt=8 (this is the lite version)

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