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Monday, December 19, 2011

PkclSoft math apps

The apps from PkclSoft are wonderful math apps that are educational and fun. My daughter really likes the little squirrels in the apps and thought they were just darling. I liked that these apps Incorporated fun with learning.

Math Plus Minus- Arithmetic is a wonderful app for addition and subtraction. This app lets your child practice addition and subtraction in a fun way with a little friendly squirrel friend. This app is perfect for learners just starting out and learning the basics of math. This one was great for my daughter and she had fun using it. She's just starting out with math. I love how the numbers rain down on the ice. The options are great in this app as it will grow with your child's ability to add and subtract by limiting the numbers it can go up too and you can take away the timer if you don't want your child rushed for the answers. Highly recommended app :)

Tap Times Tables - Arithmetic is a great app for learning multiplication. I I could not use this app on my children as they are not up to multiplying yet but I played around with it some and thought it was a lot of fun. There is a lot of levels to master in this app which adds to the fun of this app. Multiplication can be a very difficult subject for children to learn. I had lots of trouble learning to multiply growing up and found it was difficult to do no matter how anyone tried to teach me. This app makes learning to multiply fun and engaging. I even found that I was starting to remember things while playing that I haven't practiced in a long time. The squirrel is great in making this app fun and the backgrounds are very pretty. I would highly recommend this app to anyone helping their child learn multiplication and even try it out on your self sometime. What mastery can you get too? :)




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