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Thursday, December 15, 2011

First Phrases HD

First Phrases HD by Hamaguchi Apps for Speech, Language and Auditory Developement is a wonderful app for children learning to talk. Your child will tell the cute animals what to do such as cut the cake then the animal will do what it was told to do. After you see the animal do what you asked it to do your child will then get the chance to record the sentence back. It's really cute because after your child records it will go back to the animal doing the action with your child's voice telling it what to do. Each word of the sentence is said individually when pressed so the words are singular until you press each one and the animal is told to do the action. This really helps since when your child first starts to speak it's usually one word at a time but you want to build them up to sentences and this app helps bring the single words into one whole complete sentence with very cute animals your child will love. There is three levels of play with this app such as easy play where your child just touches the screen to play the sentence, Normal play where your child touches each part of the phrase and Challenge play where your child must put each of the words in order. The example above is from normal play. My children use the challenge play since they do use sentences just not correctly. In challenge mode your child must put each part together to form the sentence. I love that it will read the words aloud and has wonderful pictures so it's easy to see where they should go in the sentence. I would highly highly recommend this app for children still working on saying sentences or working on sentence structure :)


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