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Monday, December 12, 2011

Be Confident in Who You Are: A Middle School Confidential™ Graphic Novel

Be Confident in Who You Are: A Middle School Confidential Graphic Novel by Electric Eggplant is a wonderful story for middle schoolers. This app helps kids learn about self esteem, bullying, stress, peer pressure, and more. This book is in a very cool format much like a comic book style so it doesn't seem kiddish and makes it enjoyable for older children to read. There's different effects throughout the story also such as sound effects and music. There's an auto-save feature which makes it great for classrooms since it will save your spot if your not done with the story but have to stop. There is 44 pages in the story and you even have extra pages that let you meet the cast. I enjoyed reading this and thought that it's a wonderful story for any middle schooler but especially helpful for special needs students entering middle school to high school as they face many of the issues brought up in the story. Look for more books to be added to the series soon. I was unable to use my own children to review this story with so I had a friend use this story in her classroom to show how this app is great. Here's what her and her class said about Middle School Confidential:

I used Middle School Confidential – Be Confident in Who You Are with a group of upper elementary students that I see for pragmatic language skills.

Student Likes:
• Laid out in a comic book format.
• Talked about things we are interested in not the typical boring
• Liked that graphics and sounds

Student Dislikes
• “Way to long, it is going to take to many sessions to finish before we get to have a fun day.”

Teacher Likes:
• Great layout for the “Tweens”. Doesn’t look like the typical picture book from the elementary school years.
• Isn’t a “how to” book with the message delivered by adults. It has kids talking to kids.
• Chapter layouts. It allows you break up the material over numerous sessions so the kids can have time to process what they are hearing.

Teacher Dislikes
• None

I would highly recommend this app for middle schoolers to highschool aged children especially with any type of special need or who may be just shy :)


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