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Friday, December 23, 2011

X is for X-Ray

X is for X-Ray by Touch Press is a wonderfully amazing app. It's hard to find apps that will go this in depth with every detail and this one does not disappoint. In this app each letter of the alphabet is explored with an item for each letter. For example O is for Onion and you actually can zoom all the way to the center of an onion with this app. You can see each layer of every item as you "X-Ray" each and every one. There is even a stereoscopic view when you double tap each item. With this option some can see it without special glasses but most can not. The app includes a link on how to purchase the special glasses to receive and extra special view of the items. Each item is talked about in depth throughout the entire app to let your child learn about each and every item. To me it's kind of like an extra special encyclopedia of 26 certain items. Then there is also a rhyme for younger children instead of the in depth explanation. My children really enjoyed exploring this app. My 6yr old is amazed by x-rays since he's seen his MRI of his brain. He really enjoyed seeing the insides of so many everyday objects. Highly Highly recommended app :)


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