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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Scene Speak

Scene Speak by Good Karma Applications, Inc is a wonderful app for special needs children. This app will help build receptive language and visual memory. I really loved the body chart that is included so your child can help tell you what hurts. This comes in handy even if your child can talk because at least with my three have they still have problems explaining to me what hurts and with this all they have to do is point to it. I also love the fact that you can add sounds in the "sound areas" with your own voice or type to speak with pre-set voices. This makes this app really familiar to your child as it is your voice and you can also add your own images. You can make multiple books that can include different rooms of your home such as you may want one with their bedroom. If you do one of their bedroom you can add different sounds such as when you tap the bed it can say "go to bed" or whatever you may want there. You can also do another book titled bathroom which in there you could have your child touch the toilet and it could flush if you add the flushing sound. This becomes your child's own personal book about their home as you recreate your house into books. You can add, re size, and crop images, add sound areas, have multiple books, and you can even use the preloaded screens if you don't want to add your own images and then you just add sound. There is a lock so your child can't get into edit the books if you want which really does come in handy. I will add a word of caution though that this app will take time to set up as it is meant to be a personal app geared toward your child and obviously it can't be that will all preset images. I would like to see more instructions added on how to do everything but I figured it out fairly easily once I did some trial and error. I also found this app could be really helpful to non-verbal children if set up right. You could set up each room in the house where they could use it to communicate with you around the house such as where they want to go, what they want to do (by pointing to an object in their room), and the body image chart is especially helpful with non-verbal children. I would highly recommend this app if you are looking to work on many different things with your child especially speech, visual memory, and communication :)

Here's straight from their website on how to set up the app:

Add multiple “sound areas” to an image.

Select an image from your:
Home Computer
Online image search
iPad’s Photo Library

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Visual scenes can then be grouped into a “book”.


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