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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

KidsMag 3 and KidsMag Christmas Special Edition and Christmas Wordfind

KidsMag 3 and KidsMag Christmas Special Edition by Portegno Apps are such wonderful apps I can't stop telling people about them everywhere. All the KidsMag apps are wonderful for so many different ages with so many different activities. Each regular KidsMag apps have 30+ pages and the special editions have 15 pages included. KidsMag reminds me of the old Highlight magazines I used to love as a child except even better. Christmas Wordfind is also another one of there wonderful wordfind apps that have pictures of each of the words so your child can learn what each of the words represent.

KidsMag Christmas Special Edition has 15 wonderful pages. There is activities galore such as puzzles, coloring, decorating, dress up, hidden pictures, and so much more. My kids especially liked the dressing up santa in the app. The puzzles are wonderful for fine motor skills and there is so many different learning activities such as the Christmas wish list where your child needs to put the first letter of each of the pictures to make a word. Highly recommended app :)

KidsMag 3 has 32 wonderful pages filled with education and games throughout. Your child will learn so much from this one app such as numbers, shapes, some spanish, and writting skills. This app along with the other KidsMag apps work wonders for fine motor skills along with educational learning skills for preschool, kindergarten, and first grade to beyound. I enjoy even playing with the KidsMag apps and find many different activites to be fun and enjoyable throughout. The following activites are in this app: Listen and learn, Play and enjoy, draw and color, counting and writting, and read and listening. Each of these activities bring so much learning to our children at a resonable price. I highly recommend this app :)

Christmas Wordfind is another wordfind app by Portegno Apps that is fun and enjoyable to your child. Your child will love the Christmas pictures as they learn to spell and sound out each of the words as they find them. The pictures that are above the words your child needs to find also helps with word recognization for latter or current reading skills. This app along with the other wordfinds offered by Portegno Apps are amoung my daughters faviorts :). I highly recommend this app :)


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