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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Are You My Friend? A Raymond and Sheila Story

Are You My Friend? A Raymond and Sheila Story by Annie Fox and Illustrated by Eli Noyes and produced by Electric Eggplant is a wonderful story about friendship. Raymond is a little alligator brother that is always following his sister Sheila and her best friend Illana around. Raymond's only friend is Snowball a stuffed bear and is wanting to find a real friend to play with. Raymond eventually uses Snowball to make friends with Illana's brother Iggy and his stuffed monkey Rumford Wellington. This story is a wonderful way to show our children about making friends. I love the sounds in this book as they are real voices and all different. This book also teaches our children about feelings as you go through different emotions throughout the book and also at the end each character talks about all different types of feelings and gives the parents/teachers time to talk about feelings after reading the story. My children enjoyed this book and thought that the characters were great. I thought the characters were friendly looking an very cute. This is not an app but an iBook you will have to make sure to have iBooks (a free app) downloaded to read this book. The book is all narrated so your child can listen whenever they want with or without you at their side. I recommend this iBook for teaching your children about friendships and emotions :)


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