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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Picture the Sentence HD

Picture the Sentence HD by Hamaguchi Apps for Speech, Language and Auditory Develpment is a wonderful app for working on speech. There is many different settings in this app for different users such as color drawings or stick figures, three levels of play, choice of subjects (pronouns or nouns), and sentence types. There is a wonderful door reward game that you can use after either 3,5,or 10 correct responces or no door game at all. I like the door game because it gave my kids something to look forward to after getting answers correct so they would try harder. When you first start the app you will get one picture per words, then you must try to remember it, after that your child then must pick out a picture that fits with the sentence that was givin and put it in the picture frame. This app helps your child learn memory skills and putting sentences togeather and forming one picture at the end. The only thing I found that I did not like about this app is that when they pic their answer instead of having an arrow to go to the next one or just going to the next you have to hit new sentence. This can cause some confusion to the child as there is an arrow to go back. I would also really like to see some type of reward for getting the answer right each time even if it was just a sound. Other then these two things this app is wonderful and great for working on speech and thinking skills. I love the color drawings and find them wonderful to work with my kids with. The voices are very real and not computer generated sounding so that really helps when trying to follow along with the pictures. I would highly recommend this app :)



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