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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

FizzBrain apps

FizzBrain apps are wonderful apps for special needs children especially those with autism as they teach our children to look into peoples eyes, smile at people, and to get up and move. These apps have been really enjoyed by my children and are doing amazingly well with all that we have. I am going to group these apps that I have into categories and then explain what each category has to offer :)

Look In My Eyes 1 Restaurant, Look In My Eyes 3 Undersea, Look in My Eyes: Math Facts, Look in My Eyes: Steam Train, Look in My Eyes: Steam Train 2,  Eye Contact- Toybox, Eye Contact- Zoo, and  Look In My Eyes Dinosaur :

These apps mentioned above all help teach your child about eye contact in all different ways. Some of these apps use math and others use numbers in the eyes and then your child must answer a question about the number they saw or the total of the numbers (depending on the app). My 4yr old just discovered Look in My Eyes: Steam Train 2 today and he automatically fell in love. He was screaming and laughing and jumping up and down all over the place because of the train. When picking between all the eye contact apps pick one based off what your child loves and this will give them great motivation to follow the directions of the app to get to the "play" part of the app. Some of these apps such as the Toybox, dino, and zoo ones offer simple rewards for younger children (3-5yrs)while others such as the restaurant one offers scene building for the older children (5+). I would say the steam train ones are wonderful for all ages as they offer running the train which is fun for any age including the adults :). These apps have have wonderful motivators that when your child gets so many right they get a bounce play section :)

Steam Train Activity Center and Steam Train: Europe:

These two apps are based around Trains and little activities your child can play around with and have fun. Your child will get to know everything the want to know about running a steam train such as running the controls to running the track. These apps are not competitive and are just a fun entertaining app for your children :)

Dance Party Dino, Dance Party Cars and Dance Party Zoo:

These are wonderful apps to get your child up and moving. My children love to dance around with these apps and I have one that loves the dino's and two that love the cars and they all love the zoo. In each of these apps either the dino dances, the car dances, or different zoo animals dance along with the music.  This app will track your child's movement and show them how to get in rhythm. With each of these apps it starts out with your child dancing to music either from your ipod/ipad or the stereo and then they can sit back and watch either the dino, the car, or the zoo animals (depending on which app) dance back depending on how your child danced. These apps can also be two player by comparing the two children's dance patterns. Both of these apps are very fun and entertaining :)

Dino Brain:

This app is a crossword learning game about dinosaurs. There is 5 dinosaurs to collect and three cages. Your child can play around with the dino's cage and see what the dino will do. There is learning pages to learn what you need to know to answer the crossword puzzles. This is a fun and educational app :)

Smile at Me:

This app is all about emotions. Emotions can be a major problem for children with autism and this app helps children recognize emotions. I love the real pictures that are in this app. When your child gets four pictures right they will be able to visit the virtual zoo. This app uses reflection from the Ipad/Ipod by dimming out so your child can also practice each facial expression. If your child gets a wrong answer there is verbal support to help come up with the correct response. This app is a very helpful app for social skills and emotions. :)

I highly highly highly recommend all FizzBrain apps that I have tried at this time. These apps help our children with many social skills and all the apps add fun into learning :)

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